10 Best Coaching Podcasts We Love at upcoach

10 Best Coaching Podcasts We Love at upcoach

As a coach, you might find moments in your journey that feel lonely or overwhelming, especially if you’re running your own business — totally normal. There are numerous paths in this field, and without a supportive community of fellow professionals, navigating can be tough.

But thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to get firsthand advice from successful coaches. Podcasts are a convenient way to learn and benefit from others’ experiences, fitting seamlessly into your daily routine — listen on your commute, while shopping, or even during workouts.

Here at upcoach, we truly believe in the life-changing impact of coaching. That’s why we’ve even created our own contribution to this community – the upcoach podcast.

Our goal is to offer you unique insights, practical advice, and inspiring stories to support your journey toward personal growth and professional success. And, in the meantime, take a look at our handpicked list of coaching podcasts we love.

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Best Coaching Podcasts We Love

Each podcast on this list was chosen for its unique perspective, the value it brings, and its power to inspire you to be your best self. Here are the coaching podcasts we believe will make a real impact on your journey.

Life Coaching Podcasts

The Life Coach School Podcast with Brooke Castillo

Brooke Castillo, a Master Certified instructor, author, and curriculum creator for The Life Coach School, is dedicated to guiding you through understanding your own and others’ thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

By sharing lessons from real clients facing everyday challenges, she provides practical podcast coaching that truly makes a difference.

Her top-rated podcast, with over 300 episodes, covers changing your mindset, enhancing relationships, and managing stress. It’s the ultimate resource for those seeking personal growth and certification as a Life Coach.

Make Money as a Life Coach with Stacey Boehman

Stacey Boehman, who started out selling mops in Wal-Mart and now makes millions selling coaching packages, is a sales expert and life coach extraordinaire.

She runs a coaching program, empowering students to earn anywhere from two thousand to two million dollars as life coaches. Her goal is to show each client their potential for success by simply believing in themselves.

On the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, Stacey’s candid, humorous approach shines through. With her fast-paced, self-deprecating style, she’s dedicated to helping coaches monetize their skills.

Tune in twice a month for episodes packed with valuable insights to boost your confidence as a life coach. Stacey’s teachings are always accessible for you to catch up on and apply effectively.

WorkLife with Adam Grant

Organizational psychologist Adam Grant sits down with professionals to talk about nailing that work-life balance. It’s a must-know for life coaches building their businesses (and great for clients too).

In the WorkLife podcast, Adam Grant offers a peek into the minds of some seriously cool pros. From Pixar’s rebels to supportive Olympic champs and a CEO who started as a server, get ready for some networking wisdom.

Adam dives into feelings and mental hurdles at work like loneliness, procrastination, burnout, and dealing with rejection. With his engaging interviews, he paints a vivid picture, blending tales with science for some real gems in a friendly, easy-to-digest way.

The Charisma Quotient with Kimmy Seltzer

Charisma isn’t just about being sociable. It’s about boosting confidence from the outside in. Kimmy Seltzer’s The Charisma Quotient podcast is like a weekly guide for anyone wanting to amp up their social skills, self-esteem, and personal charm.

Kimmy, a well-known expert in dating, makeovers, and confidence, has helped tons of people upgrade their style, boost confidence, and find love. Her style is friendly and down-to-earth, making tricky topics easy to understand for everyone. Episodes cover a mix of personal thoughts, expert chats, listener Q&As, and live coaching sessions.

In a special feature on our own podcast, you can learn more about Kimmy’s journey from therapist to respected coach. The episode focuses on a key moment involving a red dress that sparked her mission to help others find confidence and love by changing their external appearance.

A podcast host and an internationally sought after speaker recording a podcast episode.

Leadership Coaching Podcasts

Coaching for Leaders with Dave Stachowiak

The Coaching for Leaders podcast, hosted by Dave Stachowiak, offers insights and practical advice that help discover leadership wisdom. Dr. Dave Stachowiak brings perspective from a global leadership academy. Leaders aren’t born, they’re made. 

It features interviews with leadership experts, experienced managers, and authors to help listeners develop their own leadership capabilities.

The podcast covers both foundational leadership skills and advanced strategies, providing tools and techniques that are immediately applicable in professional settings. It’s ideal for anyone in a leadership or management role, as well as those aspiring to such positions.

The Burn Podcast with Ben Newman

Ben Newman, a highly respected mental toughness coach, draws from his life experiences to fuel his dedication to mental resilience and success. His journey, marked by personal challenges, showcases how life’s toughest moments can mold us, offering valuable lessons to cultivate a stronger, more resilient mindset.

In The Burn Podcast, Ben shares firsthand experience with notable individuals like Jerry Rice, Jon Gordon, Olympic athletes, and MMA fighters.

Through insightful conversations that reveal their unique success stories, this podcast series peeps into the minds of top champions in sports and business globally, going beyond victories and awards to explore the mindset that propels them to greatness.

One key strategy is his signature approach, The Burn, which represents the inner motivation within each individual. Ben offers guidance on how to tap into this inner drive and translate it into actionable steps for achieving remarkable success. You can hear his thoughts and tips on developing a stronger, more resilient mindset in episode 7 of the upcoach podcast.

This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt

This Is Your Life is a weekly podcast centered around intentional leadership, aiming to ignite passion in life, sharpen focus in work, and amplify leadership impact. Michael Hyatt, the Founder and Chairman of Full Focus, highlights the pivotal role of coaching as a major leverage in the business world.

Michael, whose expertise in scaling companies is backed by his experience with a $250 million publishing firm and his own goal-achievement business, Full Focus, has earned recognitions like the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing companies and Inc.’s Best Work Places. He’s a seasoned author with several bestsellers under his belt, including Your Best Year Ever, Free to Focus, Win at Work and Succeed at Life, and Mind Your Mindset.

In a special appearance on our upcoach podcast, Michael delves into the essence of personalized coaching. He shares invaluable insights on the transformative power of asking the right questions at the right moments, asserting how this can fundamentally shift a client’s perspective and catalyze notable achievements.

Live Your Best Life with Liz Brunner

Liz Brunner’s philosophy, “no knowledge is ever wasted,” really strikes a chord with the essence of the Live Your Best Life podcast. Liz herself is a shining example of reinvention, moving from a high school music teacher, through retail, to a successful TV career spanning nearly three decades, and finally venturing into entrepreneurship.

Her journey shows how connecting different life experiences and skills can lead to fresh starts. Through authentic conversations, Liz and her guests shed light on the diverse paths to living genuinely, illustrating that every piece of knowledge and every experience, whether positive or negative, can significantly enrich our life stories.

In our recent podcast episode, we welcomed Liz Brunner, who talked about her innovative 4 C’s framework – Confidence, Content, Clarity, and Conversation – which are at the core of the Brunner Method. This thoughtful approach was designed to empower our audience, from leaders to creators, to craft and deliver messages that deeply resonate with their listeners while enhancing their personal and professional narratives.

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General Coaching Podcasts

It’s Your Offer with Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller, a money and mindset coach, merges her business know-how with a proven method to craft irresistible offers that practically sell themselves. She’ll guide you on revamping your offer quickly to rake in some serious cash in her It’s Your Offer podcast.

Once you nail this, everything falls into place – smoother and more profitable business operations, plus a whole lot more fun! It’s a must for those looking to boost earnings, serve cherished clients, and carve out downtime.

Jessica shared her entrepreneurial journey, from launching a killer ‘Hell Yes’ offer to devising a lucrative model for entrepreneurs aiming to maximize profits while working less, in episode 12 of our podcast. She emphasizes her unique consulting and coaching style, stressing the importance of permitting yourself to succeed and showing up powerfully for your clients.

Jessica’s insights not only shed light on harnessing your skills and services but also underscore the crucial role of mindset in fueling business growth and client satisfaction.

Stop Stepping in Stupid with Shawn Shepheard

Shawn believes every entrepreneurial journey is unique, with shared moments of folly. Your worth isn’t defined by degrees or challenges faced.

Surround yourself with authenticity, and tackle self-doubt head-on. In his coaching for family businesses, Shawn introduces Stop Stepping in Stupid, a podcast diving into honest entrepreneur dialogues. By shedding light on personal influences, he offers resonance and growth strategies.

Shawn Shepheard was a guest on the upcoach podcast, where we explored his mission to help family businesses grow sustainably. You can hear more about the power of gathering top clients, as Shawn shares insights from his virtual events. His goal is to help you enhance client relationships, and spark innovation for business growth.

An entrepreneur talking about how leaders can help their team embrace growth mindset.

The upcoach Podcast

The upcoach podcast is packed with valuable insights for those wanting to boost their professional and personal lives through coaching. Whether you’re an aspiring coach, a seasoned pro, or just someone aiming to improve leadership and productivity, this podcast delves into effective coaching methods, leadership, personal growth, and business dynamics.

Hosted by Todd Herman, our very own co-founder, each episode is a deep dive into today’s relevant topics.

For example, in “The Long Game: Crafting Content that Resonates with Dorie Clark,” we see the power of lasting content strategies.

“Shaping Your Coaching Game: The Transformative Power of Accountability with Blake Eastman” highlights the importance of accountability in coaching.

“From Struggles to Triumphs: Nihar Chhaya’s Guide to Executive Coaching Success” offers guidance in navigating executive coaching challenges.

“Building Successful Online Communities: Trust, Coaching, and Authenticity with Ryan Lee” explores managing online communities, and “Cohort-based Coaching: Bringing People Together with David Henzel” looks at group learning benefits.

To dive into a wealth of coaching wisdom and kickstart your journey to becoming a more effective leader, coach, or entrepreneur, subscribe to the upcoach podcast today.


As we wrap up our journey exploring coaching podcasts, it’s clear they offer more than just wisdom; they give us practical tools for personal and professional growth.

Whether you’re starting a business, a seasoned coach, or simply on a journey of self-improvement, the stories, strategies, and insights shared in these podcasts can ignite change and help you reach your goals. Let these conversations guide you on your path to success and fulfillment.

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