upcoach getting started guide

Quick upcoach getting started guide

We created this quick guide to help you set up quickly and start using your upcoach account. Here are the three main steps to get the most out of it once you sign up.

Add Admins and Clients

After finishing the onboarding, you’ll be redirected to settings, and here you can invite Admins, Clients and more:


Admins are the people on your team, who are helping you deliver results to your clients. To start, add their email address and the “magic invite link” will appear:

Copy the link and share it with the person whose email you added. A new magic link will be created for every person you add as an admin.


The process of adding clients is the same. Add an email address of the client you want to invite and the magic link will appear.

Note that these magic links are connected with the email address you added, so only people with that email can register as an admin or client.

Setup your organization logo

To personalize the look of your upcoach profile and platform, you can add your business logo. Go to Organization > Profile card and upload your logo or icon.

Create a Program

The program feature in upcoach platform is specially designed for all coaches that already have an online program. So, if you have a program already or you want to create one this is a perfect feature for you. You can upload all the videos and resources in the form of Modules.

To set up your program in upcoach, go to Organization > Templates  > Create new program

Add as many modules as you like and customize them with video URLs, other resources, add to-dos, and habits that would be assigned to group members automatically when a module starts.

You can unlock modules for the clients by clicking on the three dots one group card and going to the Program Settings. Choose the next module and click Save.

Program feature allows you to easily share assignments, instructions, useful videos and other material with your clients.

It’s super easy to assign a program to a group. You can do it in 2 ways:

  1. When you are creating a group, choose a program

If you already created a group and you want to add a program to it, go to Program Settings, and choose the program you want:

Create a Group

Another way to add clients is to create groups and then add members.

First, click on the “Groups” icon on the left sidebar and then “Create new group” button in the top right corner. Do that and the group set up window will pop-up.

Select the appropriate group name and choose the group leader. You can also add a program, the meetings agenda, custom canvas documents, and tinker with a few settings.

Once you are done, click “Create” and your group is created. You can always change any of the settings later.

Adding members to the group

After you create the group, it’s time to add members. There are 3 ways you can do this:

  1. Add members that you previously invited as clients. Just start typing their names and when they show up on the list click to add them one by one.

  1. Add members using a personalized invite link – this process is the same as when you invited clients. Type in the client email address, the invite link will show up. Copy it and share it with the client.
  1. Create a group invite link – to save you some time from going back and forth with each individual client, you can create one link and send it to how many people you want. You can set the registration limit for each link and you can also give them custom names for better orientation.

Personalize your meetings Agenda

Agenda allows you to keep everything you need for each meeting in one place, have a clear structure, and never forget to bring anything up again.

The third step in this quick guide is personalizing the meetings agenda to fit your coaching needs.

There are a couple of ways you can choose the Agenda for each of your groups.

  1. Go to Organization, click on “Templates” in the top menu, and create your own agenda layout. You can start from scratch, or use one of our templates.
  2. When creating a group you can select one of the templates or any agendas you created.
  3. Once the group is created you can change the template by going to the Group settings.

To see the layout of the Agenda that you chose when you created your group, go to the group, and click on the Agenda on the top menu.

You can change the template by going to Group settings by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner. There you can choose which agenda template you want to use.

If you like the template that you chose, but you want to tweak it or change the names of the sections, you can easily edit it with our Agenda designer (also located in the top right corner).

There are 2 columns that you can personalize:

  • Sections
  • Section blocks

Each section can be moved up or down, just drag and drop. You can change the icon for each section, name of the section, and duration in minutes.

For Section blocks you can choose 6 different block types:

If you have any questions or need help setting up your organization, feel free to reach out to us, we will gladly help you.

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