June Feature Updates

June Feature Updates

Some say that June this year is one of the hottest months in the last 100 years! So we decided to follow that trend and bring you hot, new improvements to the popular upcoach features.

The main features that got some new feathers are:

  • CRM
  • Smart Documents
  • Programs
  • Agendas
  • Improved designers

CRM update

We know how important it is to you as a coach, to be able to present some progress reports to your clients and to keep tabs on specific activities your clients are taking. That is why our development team has been working really hard on adding reporting functions to the CRM and client profiles.

client profile reporting section

In the last month’s iteration, we added different tabs to the client profile page, so you can see all the aspects of the Program your client is a part of, like habits, to-dos, meetings, Smart Documents (you can read about the previous updates in this blog post). And in this month’s update, we added the first of many reporting options to the client profile page: 

  • Completed to-dos
  • Percentage of completion of tracked habits
  • and Meeting Attendance

This will enable you to better understand how your clients are performing and will be a signal for you to reach out to them if they are underperforming.

While on the client profile page you can also see a “public profile” for your client, with all the personal information that they add, like social media profiles, bio, headline, location and you can also add any additional custom fields that you might need.

client profile

Smart Docs update

This month’s update of the Smart documents is bringing you a Completion score. With this score, you can easily see how many fields inside the smart doc are filled in versus the empty sections. So, from now on you don’t have to go into the document to see the progress of your clients. 

smart documents block in programs

Another new improvement for the Smart Docs is that you can now embed a video and add Headings and subheadings.

smart docs blocks video heading subheading

To add a video, simply drag and drop a Video block inside your Smart document and paste a video URL (Youtube, Vimeo, or Wistia). This can help you add additional context to the document – just record an explanation and paste the link to the video.

video block in smart docs

Program Templates

The functionality stays the same for these features, we just added more Program and Agenda templates. You can use these as an inspiration or copy them completely and use them for your clients. It’s up to you 🙂

We added these templates to the Program templates library:

  • upcoach Start here 
  • upcoach accountability group 

New blocks in Agendas

There are 2 new blocks in the Agenda designer that you can include in your templates:

  • Wins
  • And Questions

Wins block is a place where your Clients can share their Wins to add a positive note to the Meeting. Wins don’t carry over to the next meeting agenda, so once you finish the meeting the wins will stay recorded in the past Agenda.

meeting agenda wins block

Questions block serves your clients to put in any questions that they might have, so you can answer them right on the meeting. Any questions that don’t get answered and ticked, are carried over to the next meeting. The ones that you tick off, will not appear on the next meeting agenda.

meeting agenda questions block

Improved designers

We improved the experience of Designers of all of our platform building blocks – Program, Agendas, Courses, Smart Docs.

To have a better experience when dragging and dropping the block into the canvas a blue placeholder field will show up to instruct you where to place the desired block. And it looks like this:

upcoach designer layout

Color Coding

Wanna add a splash of color to your upcoach organization? You can do that now! Each of the blocks in the Programs and Agendas can have different backgrounds and text colors.

color coding for text block in upcoach agendas

You can add custom colors by pasting the Hex color code to the color palette:

hex color for blocks in upcoach agendas

There you go! We hope you are having a wonderful beginning of summer! In case you need some additional information or help with any of the features, check out our knowledge base, or as always, reach out to our support team at support@upcoach.com or via chat. 

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