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upoach Features Update June

New month, new exciting features on the UpCoach Platform! In June we have some new options for easier group creation and you are now able to add different files in your personal drive! Aside from new features we are also regularly implementing different bug fixes.

Here is what new features we bring you in June:

Group overview redesign

We did a little makeover of the group overview design. Instead of having all members one below the other, we thought that organizing group members in columns would be better.

This is how the group overview looks like now:

You can now easily send an email to group members, simply by clicking on the “Email” button.


The main inspiration for creating Subgroups feature was the idea that people inside the group might be assigned to an accountability buddy. And by creating a subgroup inside a main group accountability buddies can easily keep track of their habits, todos, and other commitments.

Here is how you create a subgroup:

Invite system – invite people with a secret link

Inviting people to the group has never been easier! You can now create and send a secret link!

When you are creating a link you can set up a maximum number of people who can sign up using the link.

Click on the icon from the image above and you will be taken to the new screen where you can create, rename and edit settings for the secret link:

Here’s how you do it:

UpDrive – add documents and other files

One of the features that we were really excited about was The UpDrive! Many coaches asked about this feature so they can have all of the documents and files that important for their program, in one place.

There are a couple of ways to use this feature:

  1. Personal drive – store all important files in your private drive
  2. Share files across the groups
  3. Add UpDrive to the group agenda and have them ready for the next group meeting

Note: don’t be confused by the files that appear in the section block. These are dummy files that serve as an example. To add filed that you want to use in your agenda you should go to the Drive section in the Agenda and upload files there

Agenda meeting start reminder

We use the platform internally for all our meetings and there were numerous occasions that we simply forget to start the meeting. That’s why we asked our development team to implement a simple notification to remind us to click that “Start meeting” button 🙂

If you happen to have any questions or need more information about UpCoach platform, feel free to reach out to us at hello@upcoach.com

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