New Feature Update: Todos&Projects Block

New Feature Update: Todos&Projects Block

Creating projects and assigning todos has become so much simpler and easier with our new improved Todos and Projects block!

Check out the detailed video our co-founder Todd recorded to show you how this new feature works and how you can use it in your own coaching program👇🏻

We’ve noticed that our users are having trouble finding and sorting the massive lists of todos inside programs. 

The new system will help you simplify the filtering process and it makes it easier to find relevant todos with simple actions.

Adding todos and projects

Adding new todos and projects is really simple, just click on the “New” and a popup window will show up:

Here you can choose to add a new todo or by clicking on the “Project” tab (top-right) set a new project.

Adding a todo

Adding todos is the same as it was before. We are keeping the old options when it comes to setting up a due date and assigning it to a member. The new option here is Assigning a todo to a Project.

You can now bulk add todos (tasks) to your clients! When creating a task for the assignee choose Other, and everyone except you will get a new todo!

Easter Egg Addition: our team likes emojis so they played around a bit, and they added 4 stickers that you can use to make important todos stand out. Please note that this add-on is not fully developed yet, and in the future, we will be adding more stickers and a smoother way to add these to the todo.

To add any of these stickers just paste this into your todo:





Adding a project

This isn’t a brand new feature, per se, we used to have this before but the creation of the projects was a bit hidden 🙂 But now the creation of projects is so easy!

Same as with creating todos, click “New” and then “Projects” and you will see a window with different options when creating a project:

There are 3 main settings for the project:

  • Privacy – will the project be public or private (only visible to the assigned client)
  • Who is accountable for the project
  • And of course, the due date when the project should be done

There is an additional option that you can pick and that is to automatically create a forum thread about the project so the clients can discuss, share opinions or ask questions about it. Your clients can also see the progress of the project and the tasks right inside that forum post

Filtering todos

The new feature inside this well-known block is the Filtering section:

You can filter the Todos by:

  • Assignee
  • Status of the todo (Todo, Done, Overdue, Due today, Upcoming – due in the next 7 days)
  • And which project the todos are a part of

Filtering by projects

Once you have projects set up in your todo block you will be able to easily filter the todos simply by  clicking on the project block:

Where can I see the new todos

The new todo block works very well with Agendas and all the todos are recorded in the client CRM profiles as well.

There you go. We really hope this new improvement to the system will help you and your clients be more efficient and organized when it comes to projects and different tasks.

If you stumble upon something that you feel is kinda wonky, please let us know.

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