best executive coaching platforms

6 executive coaching software solutions that you’ll love

Most executive coaching software assists coaches with driving more client signups, streamlining administrative work, and hosting program material. 

However, few platforms give elite coaches the tools they need to drive outstanding client results. For example, most platforms don’t enable you to track client habits, passively monitor to-do progress, and create accountability groups. 

 This means you’ll probably have to use various apps and other platforms in addition to your main coaching platform. This creates a poor user experience as they have to dig through different tools and platforms to find the resources they need (not to mention how annoying it is to remember so many different passwords!). 

As a result, you might also see your NPS scores drop, and some clients might quit altogether. 

As a coach who has dedicated your life to delivering transformational results, it’s frustrating to be held back by an insufficient platform. To solve this problem, we’re going to introduce you to a few platforms below that are highly rated by executive coaches.

We’ll first introduce you to our platform, upcoach (which was built by two coaches frustrated by the issues mentioned above), and then we’ll introduce you to several other coaching solutions. 


best executive coaching platforms

upcoach is an executive coaching platform designed to help you deliver transformational results to your clients. Instead of just giving you tools to automate administrative tasks and store content, upcoach also equips you with essential coaching tools and makes it easy to track client progress.

5 Key Reasons Why Most Executive Coaches Use upcoach

1. A single platform for all coaching needs

Before using upcoach, our founders were using the following software tied together with Zapier to deliver their coaching programs: 

  • Course platform (for storing program videos and materials)
  • Project management software (for tracking assignment progress) 
  • Scheduling software (for scheduling coaching calls) 
  • Community platform for accountability (Slack, Facebook groups, etc.) 
  • Google Docs (for creating and storing worksheets)
  • Miscellaneous apps (like habit trackers)

While tying these platforms together can work, it creates a disjointed client experience. It’s also a customer support headache when clients forget passwords or a zap breaks.

From the client’s perspective, it’s annoying to get locked out of the platform or not be able to find a specific resource or assignment. Even worse, some clients might not realize that they had a task hidden on one of the many platforms and then show up to the coaching call unprepared (despite their best effort to make the most of your platform). 

Obviously, if they fall behind and don’t complete all of the assignments, they won’t get the maximum value of your program, which will probably lead to low renewals and referral rates. As a coach, this is also disheartening because you failed in your mission to deliver transformation.

upcoach solves these problems by placing all the coaching tools you need to deliver a transformational experience to clients on a single platform.

Specifically, upcoach enables you to:

  • Host your lessons (if you have video modules)
  • Schedule meetings and include a pre-set agenda
  • Assign to-dos
  • Track client habits
  • Create and monitor accountability groups
  • Chat with clients

By having everything in one platform, it’s easy to track client progress, hold them accountable and reduce support headaches. This makes the learning experience less cumbersome and increases the NPS and LTV of your course.

2. Track Client Habits Directly Inside The Platform

A key aspect of transformation is building the right habits and taking daily actions, so we decided to build one directly into the upcoach platform.

The habit tracker is structured as a weekly calendar, and clients can check off their habits each day or write in a number (e.g., 12 pushups). As the coach, you can quickly view all of your students’ habit progress by selecting “Others” and scrolling through the list. 

best executive coaching platforms

To add a habit, you can do so manually or program upcoach to automatically add a habit to the client’s tracker when they complete a specific lesson.

By helping them build positive habits, you’ll be able to deliver transformational results and ultimately increase your NPS scores, client renewals, and referrals, and enable you to charge more. 

3. Accountability Groups To Improve Engagement 

Giving clients habits to track, to-dos to complete, and assignments to finish is useless if there’s nobody to hold them accountable to copleting the tasks. 

While you can personally hold each client accountable on coaching calls, doing so reduces the time you could spend answering higher-level questions and scaling the business. 

A simple solution is to have clients hold each other accountable.

While most platforms have a community feature, it’s typically just a forum and not really designed to run accountability groups. 

This was a key pain point that co-founder David Henzel faced when scaling his own coaching program. He was able to increase completion rates from 7% to 94% simply by hosting weekly accountability calls, but it was grouping clients into their own accountability pods that enabled him to scale the program’s impact.

That’s why upcoach makes it easy for you to create accountability groups. Within these accountability groups, clients can chat with each other throughout the week and host weekly accountability calls outside of coaching calls with you, which further adds to the value of your program.

During accountability calls, clients can review habits and to-dos, and identify key blockers preventing growth.

So in addition to positive peer pressure that encourages clients to stay on top of assignments, accountability groups also give clients a unique opportunity to learn from others struggling with similar challenges. 

best executive coaching platforms

During accountability calls, clients can review habits, and to-dos, and identify key blockers preventing growth.

So in addition to positive peer pressure that encourages clients to stay on top of assignments, accountability groups also give clients a unique opportunity to learn from others struggling with similar challenges. 

4. Smart Documents Make it Easy To Track Progress

Hosting worksheets on Google documents or attaching a downloadable PDF to lessons makes it difficult for you to track client progress. If you’re determined to track client progress, you can open every single client’s document and assess how much of each worksheet has been completed.

This is actually the exact process co-founder Todd Herman was using before upcoach.  

To solve this problem, upcoach offers embedded smart documents.

With smart documents, you can design interactive worksheets for your program directly inside upcoach. 

best executive coaching platforms

However, the real benefit of smart documents is that the platform tracks completion rate percentages and then displays that percentage inside the dashboard. This enables you to gauge, at a glance, exactly what percentage of the worksheet each client has completed. 

best executive coaching platforms

With access to a single dashboard that displays each worksheet’s completion rate, you can quickly identify which clients are falling behind and reach out before it’s too late. 

5. Easily Track Client Progress With a Robust CRM 

As a coach, one of your primary responsibilities is holding your clients accountable. 

Most executive coaching software offers a CRM that shows basic administrative data about each client, like:

  • Name 
  • Geographical location
  • Whether or not clients have completed the course
  • Email address

While this is helpful for automating admin work, it doesn’t really offer any valuable information on client success. So we reimagined what a CRM can offer and provide detailed customer engagement data like:

  • Courses completed
  • Meetings attended
  • To-dos completed
  • Assignments turned in
  • Completion rate

This real-time data makes it easy to spot clients who are falling behind in the program so that you can reach out and provide additional assistance. This makes it easier to reduce churn and raise your NPS scores.

best executive coaching platforms

If you want to see if upcoach is the best fit for your coaching program, you can sign up for a demo now and see for yourself.

Pricing of Upcoach

The lowest plan is pegged at $29 per team member. While there’s no free plan, we offer a 14 day refund so that you can try out the platform risk-free.

best executive coaching platforms

Sign up today to start delivering transformational results to your clients.

Pros of Upcoach

  • Everything is in one place, so you can offer a seamless user experience and don’t have to pay for multiple platforms. 
  • Save time by tracking every aspect of client progress from the CRM.
  • It’s easy to hold clients accountable by offering accountability groups.  
  • Building programs is super easy with reusable blocks and templates. 
  • The entire platform is user friendly and requires virtually no onboarding.

Cons of Upcoach

  • It’s not optimized for coaches who just want to sell more as it doesn’t offer advanced marketing automation. We believe that by delivering transformational results, most of your marketing needs take care of themselves as clients will bring you referrals.

To find out how upcoach can help you deliver transformational results and scale your coaching business, sign up for a demo or try upcoach risk free today!

Coaching Loft

executive coaching platforms

Coaching Loft helps coaches manage, grow, and organize their coaching practice by automating important administrative tasks like scheduling meetings, invoicing, and contractual agreements.

Aside from serving as a coaching platform, it also has a coaching profile builder, which can help potential clients can you through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Coaching Loft has an internal messaging feature, which streamlines communication and eliminates the arduous process of searching for messages across different platforms (email, Slack, etc.).

In addition to one-on-one coaching, you can create coaching packages. For example, you can put an eBook together with a specific number of coaching sessions, then bundle them into a package and advertise them to potential clients.

Key Features

  1. Customizable UI: Design the layout with brand colors and logo
  2. Invoicing capabilities: Automatically send out invoices on their due dates or use its Quickbooks integration.
  3. Coaching Question Bank: Leverage a bank of over 500 coaching questions you can use on client calls.
  4. Goals and Milestones: Break down big goals into little milestones.
  5. Cloud storage and sharing: Share and host different media using allotted cloud storage


There are two separate pricing plans: one for individual coaches and the other for enterprise coaches.

executive coaching platforms


  • Automated meeting scheduler that syncs with Google and Apple calendar.
  • Easily create coaching packages and promote them with a single link.
  • A single centralized dashboard gives an overview of all client data.


  • The dashboard doesn’t show individual client data or engagement metrics.
  • It’s a more expensive option (especially for beginner coaches).
  • You can’t track habits and monitor client engagement. 


executive coaching platforms

CoachAccountable is a coaching platform designed to automate administrative tasks like meeting scheduling, invoicing, and creating individualized coaching plans.

You can also assign tasks, goals, and even program automatic reminders for clients to take action. However, you can’t track execution or client progress for the assignments. 

Key Features

  1. Invoicing: Automatically generate fully customized, one-time, recurring invoices, which clients can pay using Paypal, Stripe, or Square.
  2. Offerings: Develop and sell different coaching offerings on the platform.
  3. Appointment scheduling: Schedule meetings or sync the system with other calendar apps and let clients pick a time.
  4. Contractual agreements: Create and send contracts to clients, which they can sign and send back to you.
  5. Client engagement details: You can see client progress and the coaching engagement duration.


CoachAccountable has eight different pricing packages, which vary depending on the number of clients.

executive coaching platforms


  • You can integrate with video apps (such as Zoom) for meetings and Stripe for payments.
  • You can sync your calendar and that of your client, with the platform
  • You can easily customize the platform to match your brand 
  • You can develop and sell different coaching packages 
  • Free up your time by reducing administrative tasks


  • The user interface is somewhat outdated
  • Reviewers say that creating a worksheet is exasperating. 
  • People who sign up for a free or paid offer are automatically added as clients, which adds up to your payment. 
  • There’s no way to track habits and ensure accountability
  • You still have to integrate with video conferencing tools such as Zoom.


executive coaching platforms

Delenta is an executive coaching platform that helps you automate important, repetitive tasks such as meeting scheduling, invoicing, onboarding, meeting reminders, and payment requests.

You can create and sell programs and set up cross-sells and upsells that are automatically activated once a client finishes a program.

However, it relies heavily on integrations, which occasionally have bugs that cost time and money to fix.

Key features

  1. Automated meeting scheduling: Sync your calendar and let clients schedule coaching calls.
  2. White labeling capability: Design a unique, branded experience for clients
  3. Analytics dashboard: Track growth of your coaching business
  4. Automated Invoicing: Generate invoices and automatically send reminders when it’s due.


Delenta gives a 30-day trial on each plan.

executive coaching platforms


  • Automates repetitive administrative tasks
  • Responsive customer service team
  • Customizable landing page
  • 30-day free trial


  • There’s no way to track client progress
  • It’s difficult to schedule meetings in different time zones. You have to calculate the time differences by yourself.
  • Integrations sometimes have hitches
  • There’s no way to track habits


executive coaching platforms

Kajabi is primarily a platform for course creators, though it can also double as an executive coaching platform. 

It makes it easy for you to build a website, landing pages, a sales funnel, and store program material in one platform.

You can also set up email drip campaigns to market your course and manage it with the help of email integrations such as Aweber.

However, the platform doesn’t serve coaches who prefer a hands-on approach to coaching and who prioritize progress tracking. For example, you can’t track client engagement like to-dos, worksheets, or habits. 

Additionally, the community feature is rudimentary. You can’t separate clients into accountability groups, which means you have to do all the accountability yourself.

Key Features

  1. Multiple marketing tools: create funnels and landing pages, and run campaigns from the platform
  2. Drag-and-drop website builder: Create great websites without technical skills
  3. Blogging capability: Create a blog to attract traffic to your site and products.
  4. Mobile app functionality: Monitor your coaching business from your mobile device


Kajabi has 3 plans. You unlock a 14-day free trial immediately after paying for a plan.

executive coaching platforms


  • Easy to create live webinars and integrate with video conferencing software like Zoom.
  • Eliminates the need to create a WordPress website as Kajabit can serve as your primary website for your coaching business.
  • Excellent options for creating courses and storing program material.
  • Marketing automation capabilities to help coaches who want to drive sales.


  • Needs a third-party integration to offer certificates
  • Lacks habit tracking and accountability feature
  • It’s pricey


executive coaching platforms

Satori is an online coaching platform built for coaches who want to save time by automating some administrative tasks like scheduling, billing, and invoicing. 

Satori integrates with your Google and Apple calendars to avoid double booking and sends automated reminders to clients to avoid no-shows.

Unlike Satori also auto-detects the time zone of your clients, so you never have to worry about calculating time differences. 

Additionally, you can set up group coaching sessions, which allows you to sign more clients and scale your impact. 

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to keep track of client engagement as the CRM only contains general information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and so on. 

It also lacks coaching tools like to-do lists, habit trackers, and other apps

Key Features

  1. White labeling capability: Fully customize your program to align with your brand
  2. Personalized proposals and packages: Create and send individualized coaching packages to clients.
  3. Automated meeting scheduling: Clients can schedule meetings with ease.


There are three subscription tiers: free, trailblazer, and pioneer.

Also, you get one month free if you pay for the whole year on either of the paid plans.  

executive coaching platforms


  • It has a free plan for you to try out the platform.
  • You can automate administrative tasks and streamline your workflows
  • The platform is easy to navigate for beginner coaches
  • The price is perfect for coaches running a small business or just starting out
  • You can send out surveys once clients finish your program to learn how you can improve your services.
  • Integrates with payment platforms such as Paypal and Stripe
  • You can send periodic check-ins to clients


  • It doesn’t integrate with zoom
  • Payment and scheduling glitches occur once in a while
  • You can’t track client engagement
  • No habit and accountability tracking

Which Executive Coaching Software is Best For You?

We realize that each platform serves a unique purpose. For example, if you want to host a coaching program that requires minimal interaction with clients, Kajabi might be a great option.

However, if you want a solution that enables you to automate administrative tasks, store content, and provide key coaching tools in one platform, upcoach might be the best option.

To see for yourself if upcoach is a good match, you can schedule a demo or sign up today risk-free.

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