Build better client experiences. Clients, staff, and activities in one place

You’re looking for an easy way to manage all of your clients and students. We get it because we were in the same boat too. That’s why upcoach was created – to help you deliver the best possible coaching experience to your clients, and not think about the admin work ever again.

Courses & training

Our LMS feature helps you encourage your clients, organize information, and activate transformation.

Assign to-dos, new habits, and worksheets automatically to your clients, so they can easily take in the information you are sharing with them.

Program builder

Programs are the focal point of our platform. This is where everything is laid out – all todos, habits, smart documents, and communication with clients.

That’s why we have a simple drag and drop Program Editor that helps you create varieties of program layouts for your clients. You can use one of upcoach templates or you can create your own Program that best fits your coaching needs. Programs are great for conducting:

Agendas & meetings

Organize & schedule your meetings, never forget anything, and have all the necessary information in one place. Build your agenda from scratch, or use one of our pre-made meeting templates

Accountability & encouragement tools

Quickly see how all your clients are doing, and lend a helping hand, or give feedback. Track their progress with to-dos, habits & worksheets. Encourage social accountability and add motivation by enabling program members to see each other’s commitments.


Want to make sure your clients are engaged? Start communicating with them right inside upcoach Forum. Share announcements, documents and ask questions! Build community in one place – all without leaving the platform. Aside from building a forum community, you can also have:

Client management

Have all your clients in one place, and track their level of engagement or progress with a visual Kanban board.

Guide them through your coaching, hold them accountable, and offer help when they are stuck.

Other popular upcoach features

Smart Docs

Easily create and share interactive worksheets with your clients and track their progress .


Easily collect payments via Stripe and onboard clients inside upcoach. It's as easy as copying/pasting a link.


Upload and share documents with your clients with our built-in Drive block. No need for switching between different platforms.

Zoom integration

Attach your Zoom meeting link with the Event inside upcoach, and your clients can join you with just a click of a button.


Connect with other important platforms like Google Sheets, Google Decks, Airtable, Miro, or any other embeddable tool.

More about upcoach

Hey, can I customize my organization?

Yes yes! You can make upcoach completely customized with your logo, your brand colors, and your custom domain.

Hey, do you integrate with any other services?

Yes, we do! Currently have these integrations available:

  • Zapier
  • ConvertKit
  • Google Slides
  • Google Sheets
  • Miro
  • More coming soon!
Is there an automation that can help me run my business better?

Yes. You can automate your tasks and connect all your important tools like CRM, email client, LMS with upcoach, so your clients can get any additional resources and announcements.

I would probably need a hand with setting everything up. Can you help?

Our team is ready to help you whenever you have an issue, a question or need help with setting up your organization. We support you by providing a FREE onboarding & setup call, we are almost always available via chat so you can reach out to us there.

Every other week we host upcoach Town Halls – a free webinars where we show you around the platform and all the latest features and improvements that we added in past couple of weeks.

Do you have templates or something I could use to get inspiration?

Of course we do! We have libraries of different templates:

  • Program templates
  • Agenda Templates
  • Smart Doc templates

You can simply copy any of these and add your own copy.

Coming soon

Reporting & analytics

See the success rates, track attendance, and more.

Email communication

Send customized emails to your clients

Mobile app

Track your clients progress on the go and always be in the loop.

Consistently deliver remarkable results with less administration and more satisfied customers

Create your organization now, automate the boring stuff, and focus on what matters.