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upcoach program


Drag & Drop Program Builder

Programs are the focal point of our platform. This is where everything is laid out – all todos, habits, smart documents and communication with clients.

That’s why we have a simple drag and drop Program Editor that helps you create varieties of program layouts for your clients. You can use one of upcoach templates or you can create your own Program that best fits your coaching needs.


Courses & Training

Automate resources sharing, todos, and habits by creating courses for your clients.

Create the modules and share it with the right people at the right pace.

Customize each module by adding videos, text, and additional resources.

upcoach agenda


Meeting Agendas

Organize & schedule your meetings, never forget anything, and have all necessary information in one place. 

Build your agenda from scratch, or use one of our pre-made meeting templates.


Smart Docs & Worksheets

Create interactive documents for your clients to fill as a part of your program, quickly access it, and don’t get overwhelmed with the number of documents you have to store.


Client Success Management

Have all your clients in one place, track their level of engagement or progress with a visual Kanban board.

Guide them through your coaching, hold them accountable, and offer help when they are stuck.


Accountability Tools

Everyone can see everyone’s progress with todos, habits & worksheets. This builds social accountability and adds motivation.

Quickly see how all your clients are doing, and lend a helping hand, or give feedback.

habits block
upcoach drive


Drive & File Management

Store and quickly access all your important documents and files, and share them with entire groups or individual clients.

You can also ask your clients to upload files, videos, or recordings as a proof of finishing their tasks.


Forum & Community Builder

Start communication and engage with your clients, share announcements, documents, ask questions and build community right inside upcoach Forum.

zoom upcoach


Zoom integration

Your clients can easily join the meetings with the click of a button inside the Program.



Now you can automate your tasks and connect all your important tools like CRM, email client, LMS – basically, every tool under the sun!

Explore all the automation possibilities with our Zapier and ConvertKit integrations. 

Coming Soon

Reporting & Analytics

See the success rates, track attendance and more.

Payment Gateway

Seamlessly collect payments with the native Stripe integration.


Customize the platform with your brand colors and custom domain.


Quickly communicate and join discussions without leaving the platform.


Collect customer feedback and find out your NPS score.

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