Scale your coaching online with the platform built for group coaching

Create structured group coaching programs, monitor key client metrics, behavior changes, and communicate with all your clients in one focused online group coaching platform.


Habit, KPI and task tracker

Client canvases

Create smart docs & worksheets

Agenda builder

Including agenda templates


Chat and Zoom





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Simple and efficient in delivering results

Is this hard to setup?

NO! Import your content in minutes and request help from our concierge service at any time.

Does this also work for 1-on-1 coaching?

Yes! Our platform is customizable. Create custom programs and manage both individual coaching clients and groups.

How do I set up group coaching?

We provide you with multiple group coaching templates that are easy to use for both coaches and clients.

Our mission

We help coaches organize, systemize and scale the impact of their coaching programs so they can deliver remarkable results and keep their clients longer.

What can you do

Serve more.
Work less.

Instead of having multiple 1-on-1s, organize a group coaching program and serve more clients while saving time.

Scale your business

Plug in your sub-coaches to deliver your program. Scale your coaching business and enroll more clients in your program without you doing all the work.

Agenda templates

Make use of our meeting agenda templates or create a structure that works for your program with our agenda builder.

Seamless communication

Chat with your entire group or an individual client with easy-to-use integrated chat and conference call features.


“UpCoach has changed my life. I can now manage 1-on-1 coaching and group coaching easily without missing a beat. Scaling has never been easier.”


Co-founder, LTVplus


“Managing different coaching programs was difficult in the past. With UpCoach, I was able to streamline the process and focus on what matters the most – coaching.”

David Henzel

Serial Entrepreneur

Spend time coaching people at scale and don’t think about logistics ever again



Create programs for your coaches. You can create as many programs as you like. You can set modules and set up a schedule when each module unlocks for the clients.

Customize each module by adding videos, text and additional reading resources.

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upcoach Groups screenshot



Automatically assign habits and to-dos for your clients. When setting up your program, you can determine when certain habits and commitments should be added to clients attending the program.


Client and group management

Have all your clients in one place. It’s super easy to add new contacts and track their progress.

Create many groups of people with as you many members as you want — be it a group or 1-on-1 coaching. You have an overview of your clients and it’s easy to add or remove users.

upcoach Groups screenshot


Accountability tools

It’s easy to see everyone’s progress with their routines and to-dos with a Habit and KPIs tracker. This helps you and your clients track their progress and performance over time.


Canvas documents / North Star

A custom VTO section in the platform where you and your clients can write down short and long-term goals, Mission and Vision statements, and inspirational Mantras.

Agenda screenshot


Meetings agenda

Every group that you create has an Agenda based on the L10 meeting template from the popular book Traction. You can use the existing template or customize it to your specific coaching needs.


Chat and Zoom integration

Chat with the group members right inside the app and join the meetings with the click of a button inside the Agenda.

Upcoach Chat screenshot
Schedule screenshoot



Have an overview of all your past and future meetings with a specific group. With the Schedule feature you can add new meetings within the platform and all your group members will be automatically invited. You can add a link for the call (Zoom or Hangouts) and attach important resources.



Upload all your important client documents to the integrated Drive. Store and easily access all your important documents and files and share them with different groups or just certain clients.

UpDrive screenshoot

Coming soon


Detailed overview of clients in a Kanban style

Payment gateway

Seamlessly collect payments with the native Stripe integration


Collect customer feedback and find out your NPS score

Reporting & analytics

See the groups success rates, track attendance and much more


Customize the platform with your own logo and colors

Michael Herold

“UpCoach solves all the pain points that I had running group coaching programs. All the material is easily accessible to the participants and nicely sorted by week/module and I can easily track who has done their exercises and assignments.

And while it makes my coaching life so much easier, my clients LOVE it. Couldn’t be happier with it!”

– Michael Herold, Head Coach for Core Confidence

Consistently deliver powerful results with less administration and more ecstatic customers

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