August Feature Updates

August Feature Updates – CRM is here!

Exciting Summer at upcoach! We have some awesome new features that will make your coaching experience so much better!

Let’s get you started!

To help you get acquainted with the platform and all its features, we created a default group that you get added to once you sign up for upcoach. All your admins are added to the group as well, and some tasks are also assigned to them. There is a video tutorial for every step of the onboarding process that helps you find your way around the platform. 

My stuff page

You might remember the time when the Habits were the first thing you see when you log into the upcoach platform. Well, those days are gone 🙂 Now we have a clean overview page of all your stuff. 

See all your to-dos, documents in your drive, and upcoming meetings. You can join calls and can also access the Agenda of the upcoming meeting, so you don’t have to search for the group.


We had many requests for the notifications, and we finally have them ready for you! You can ask your coachees to set up their email preferences so they can receive email notifications with a list of all pending to-dos and upcoming meetings.

CRM – Manage your clients in one place

The big addition to the upcoach platform. We want to make sure you have all information about your clients in one place.

The client overview is currently in the form of a list, but we are working on implementing the Kanban-style as well. And it’s going to be live on the platform very soon.

Each client has their profile, where you can see some general information, like LinkedIn profile URL, you can add notes or contact clients by clicking on the Email icon.

You will also see all activities that are connected to the client – if they attended a meeting and finished their to-dos.

In the coming weeks, we will be adding some more options for the CRM and we’ll keep you posted!

Meeting Schedule

Scheduling new meetings for the groups is now super easy! I the group overview page you will find all important sections for each group you create. Who the members are, drive documents, pending to-dos, habits, AND past and upcoming meetings. 

To schedule new meetings with the group, just go to the desired group and click the “Schedule new meeting” button

Choose the agenda for the meeting from the drop-down menu, or create a new agenda if you need to, choose the time and date, and specify if the meeting is going to repeat. 

All group members will get the notification that the new meeting is scheduled and it will also show up on their “My Stuff” page. Simple as that.

Other small tweaks

Aside from the big new features that we added to the platform, we also added a few tweaks to the existing sections.

Rating of meeting

We removed the “Rating” section from the Agenda designer. After you end the meeting you will be prompted to tick the boxes for the people who attended the meeting, and only those clients will receive a notification in the “Updates” section. They will be asked to rate the meeting with a numerical value and also add textual feedback. All attendees will also receive an email notification to rate the meeting.

To see the rating of the meeting you should go to the desired group and then to the Meetings section. Click on the Past meetings and you will see the rating

When you click on the star you will see the rating as well as text feedback, if the coachees wrote it.

Due dates for to-dos

To add a bit more accountability for your clients, you can now add due-dates for the to-dos that they get. 

Once you add a to-do you can also choose the date whan you expect that task to be finished.


We are working really hard to make our upcoach platform super simple but powerful, so you can transform your coaching experience and have it streamlined from the beginning to the end.

Stay tuned for more upcoming features and if you have any questions or need more information, feel free to contact us at

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