Best CRM for Coaches

The 6 Best CRM for Coaches in 2022 

While most CRMs offer basic information such as a client’s contact information and basic interaction history, coaches who want to impact their student’s lives need something that provides more detailed information on student engagement. 

Specifically, you need a solution that will provide visibility into what a student has completed and where they get stuck in addition to basic CRM functionalities such as meeting scheduling, contact information, and call/email history.

Therefore, we compiled a list of the best CRMs for coaches.

1.  upcoach

Upcoach is an all-in-one coaching platform complete with a substantial CRM that provides detailed information on each student’s engagement history. Specifically, you can see:

  • How many to-dos a student has completed
  • What percentage of a worksheet a student has completed
  • How many habits they are tracking and how they are doing with those habits
  • How many videos they have watched
  • How often they log into the platform

As you can see, upcoach is designed for coaches who are focused on improving the experience of their coaching program – not necessarily those who want to just close more clients. 

So if you want to improve course completion rates and NPS scores, upcoach might be a great fit.

As it’s an all-in-one platform, you can also host your course material, accountability tracking, meeting scheduling, and CRM in a single place. This means you only have to pay for one software instead of bolting together a CRM solution, a course platform (like Thinkific), a scheduling tool (like Calendly), and a habit tracker or accountability tool. 

Below we’ll dive into some of the unique features upcoach offers, or you can book a demo and see it for yourself.

Inside Upcoach’s CRM

When you first log into the upcoach CRM, you’ll immediately see that it offers a wealth of detailed information for each student. First, you’ll have access to the student’s contact information, time zone, and bio. 

However, the real magic of upcoach’s CRM is the detailed engagement data.

Track Completed To-Dos

As upcoach is an all-in-one platform, the coach can assign clients to-dos at the end of each lesson (a worksheet, uploading a document, etc.), and the to-dos automatically appear in their course feed. 

As the coach, you can open any student’s profile in the CRM and see a detailed list of every to-do that has been crossed off. This makes it easy to quickly identify clients that are falling behind. 

Track New Habits

Your goal as a coach is to get your clients to take action, and a key element of taking action is setting and tracking new habits. 

For example, let’s say the student wants to lose weight and the new habit is going to the gym three times per week. In this case, have them log their gym sessions in the habit tracker. By logging their habits, the changes are more likely to become permanent as you can hold them accountable to their own promises. 

Schedule Meetings

Rather than paying for a tool like Calendly to schedule meetings with clients, you can schedule meetings with clients directly inside the upcoach platform. You can also take meeting notes and store them in the platform for future use. 

View Completed Worksheets and Lessons 

Another issue with most courses is that while you can offer worksheets, coaches never know how much of it has been completed as most clients just make a copy of the worksheet and complete it on their own time. 

However, upcoach offers Smart Documents, which are interactive documents embedded into the upcoach platform. Clients can edit them inside the platform, and they can’t be copied or taken off the platform. This ensures you have full visibility into client engagement. To view overall worksheet completion at a glance, log into the CRM, click on the Smart Docs tab, and you’ll see a list of every assigned worksheet and the percentage completed.

View All Student Messages in One Place

For professional coaching businesses with multiple coaches or even just a small team consisting of a coach and tech support, having multiple people messaging the same student is a waste of resources.

That’s why you can quickly check if someone has already responded to a student by looking in that student’s message tab. 

If you want to see for yourself how the upcoach CRM can help your team be more efficient, try it out today.

Who is upcoach For?

Upcoach is designed for coaches that prioritize improving the client experience. Upcoach users tend to prioritize metrics like NPS scores, completion rates and other indicators of client success. These coaches also value habit tracking, accountability, and similar features that assist in improving their target KPIs.


  • It’s the only coaching CRM designed to optimize student engagement
  • It is proven to improve NPS scores and course completion rates
  • It’s super easy to set up and get started
  • It’s an all in one platform making it possible store your coaching material in the same tool your CRM is stored inside
  • It automates administrative work like meeting scheduling, assignments, etc.
  • It can scale with your team – whether you have a team of 20 people or coach on the side, you can use upcoach


  • It has limited features for selling and closing more clients

2. HoneyBook 

Honeybook is a cloud-based client management software that offers a CRM designed to automate client sales and administrative tasks. You can schedule meetings, invoice clients, manage documents, and message clients directly inside the platform.  

Non-technical coaches love it as it’s easy to set up, has a large community, fast support, simple workflows, and a clean interface that’s easy to navigate. 

When a lead comes into the platform, Honeybook asks how they found your coaching business and tracks the most effective channels. To respond quickly to common client inquiries, you can use pre-built email templates, or build your own custom email templates. 

The customizable digital brochures in Honeybook are also handy as you can create one with FAQs and send it to people that want more information on your program. 

Once a client is ready to sign, you can send them a contract either with your own contract or a contract template made by Honeybook. 

Although Honebook has some bookkeeping tools, most users prefer using the Quickbooks integration because its native features are relatively basic. It also has a built-in calendar so users can schedule calls directly inside your platform.

Honeybook does not support payments via Venmo, PayPal, and Stripe, and it lacks other major integrations such as Dropbox, Microsoft teams, and Salesforce. 

Unfortunately, Honeybook is not an all-inclusive solution as it provides no means of tracking the client’s progress through to-dos or habit tracking. Therefore, you’ll have to combine it with another course platform such as Thinkific or Teachable (or you can just use an all-in-one solution like upcoach). 

Key Features

  • The workflow automation feature allows you to automate things like emails, templates for brochures, payment plans, reminders, questionnaires, and lead captures. 
  • Lead and project tracking features allow you to follow up and track new leads. 
  • Scheduling allows you to set your availability and allows clients to book time with you. 
  • Online invoicing and payment options.

Who is HoneyBook for? 

HoneyBook is ideal for individual coaches that want to automate their sales process. It’s very intuitive, making it easy for non-technical people to figure out and use. However, it doesn’t offer any features after the sale, so you’ll have to integrate it with a course platform or project management software once a person has signed up.


  • Enhanced coach-client connection thanks to automated communication features 
  • Easy onboarding service and great support 
  • Automated workflows and embedded meeting scheduling saves time   
  • Email/Gmail integration 
  • Versatile iOS and Android apps  


  • Coaching sessions can’t be tied to projects 
  • It does not offer any features for after the sale ( no place for lesson notes, videos, habit tracking, etc.) 
  • Limited third-party integrations, including Venmo, PayPal, Stripe, Dropbox, and Salesforce

Pricing Plans 

Honeybook has three pricing plans as follows: 

The starter plan costs $9 monthly with access to all features and up to six months of concierge support. 

The unlimited monthly plan costs $39 per month. It allows access to all features, six months of concierge support, unlimited transactions, and an unlimited number of team members.

The unlimited annual plan costs $390 with everything in the unlimited monthly plus a 17% savings. 

3. Bitrix 24 

Bitrix24 is an online workspace that offers a CRM solution for small businesses and coaches. It is designed for larger coaching businesses that require employee management tools, such as time tracking and project assignment capabilities.  

You’ll also be able to store all of your video calls and other coaching content within the platform so that you don’t have to purchase a second project management software.

Bitrix24 also makes it easy to schedule meetings, share files, and create discussions with clients and other team members.

From a sales perspective, Bitrix24’s CRM provides detailed lead contact information and can trace the source of any lead (social media posts, Google organic search, YouTube, and Facebook advertisements). This makes it easier for you to identify channels that work and double down on them. 

Inside the software, the kanban user interface makes it easy to move clients through the program. Unfortunately, you still have to manually track student progress and there isn’t really a way to automate to-do tasks. However, you can create notifications for various milestones and activities.

Key Features

  • It’s an all in one platform – you can capture leads, store your coaching resources and track client progress in one location
  • Comprehensive communication tool with a social portal, instant messaging, and video conferencing features.
  • Collaborative to-do lists can assign tasks to team members and track their progress. 
  • Automated email notifications help keep all members up to date.  
  • Password-protected file sharing to help secure your clients’ information.

Who is Bitrix 24 for?

This CRM software is for coaches with a sizable team that need an all-in-one solution with more advanced capabilities. Ideal customers are experienced coaches who know how to navigate CRM software as it can be a little overwhelming at the start. In addition, most beginners don’t need the more advanced features. .  


  • Provides detailed information on lead sources
  • Substantial employee tracking features
  • Collaborative to-do lists for improved engagement
  • Broad online workspace makes it an all-in-one solution


  • It has numerous features that can be overwhelming for first-time users. 
  • It’s expensive 
  • It has a cluttered user interface 
  • Offers limited community features

Pricing Plans 

Bitrix 24 offers four pricing options as follows; 

Free plan: This allows users to test the software at no cost 

Basic plan: Priced at $30 per month, this allows up to 5 users and offers simple collaboration tools plus customer support service 

Standard: It costs $60 monthly and offers advanced collaboration tools and increased user capacity of up to 50 users. 

Professional: Cost $120 monthly; this plan allows unlimited users and unlocks all the features.

4. Satori 

Satori is a CRM software built specifically for coaches. Within the platform, users can automate onboarding processes, schedule meetings, process payments, send questionnaires, design packages, sign contracts, and securely maintain client accounts on one easy platform. 

Essentially, it’s similar to Honeybook in that it helps relieve a lot of the administrative stress of a coaching business.

You can also use their email integration to link your email account and keep track of your contacts and emails in a single place. You can also use the automatic follow-up feature to re-engage prospects that don’t respond. 

Clients also love it as they can schedule sessions, review agreements, access billing history, monitor their progress, and update their profiles. 

Satori also automates your billing system with scheduled invoices and subscription payments. All payments are then entered into the metrics dashboard to give a broad overview of your business’s performance.

Key Features 

  • Automated email integration allows you to send emails to your contacts and prospects automatically.
  • Automated follow-ups allow you to automatically remind clients to schedule sessions, complete tasks, and provide reviews.
  • Calendar integrations allow you to sync your calendar with your Google account to keep your availability updated and avoid double bookings. 
  • Lead tracking and management enable you to keep track of where prospects are in your sales funnel. 
  • Session notes and notifications help you track the coaching journey and improve communication with your clients. 

Who is Satori for? 

Satori is for one-on-one coaches who are just beginning their coaching business and looking for simple CRM software to help them grow their businesses. If you already have project management software and don’t want an all-in-one platform to host your course or coaching resources, it’s an excellent option. While you won’t receive detailed engagement information, it’s still an excellent option for coaches that just want something simple.


  • Beautiful and user-friendly interface ideal for first-timers 
  • Effective scheduling with calendar integration 
  • It allows you to tailor coaching packages to suit individual clients and email personalized agreement proposals. 
  • It allows you to create and send customized and detailed questionnaires.


  • It does not integrate with zoom 
  • Some users complained that it has bugs that interrupt the experience
  • No way to offer discounts on services without creating a new offer

Pricing plans 

Satori’s pricing plans are as follows: 

Starter plan: This costs $33 per month and supports 10 active offers, 20 active agreements, 60 monthly sessions, and 2500 contacts. 

Trailblazer: This costs $49 per month and supports 20 active offers, 40 active agreements, 120 monthly sessions, and 5000 contacts. 

Pro Plan: This costs $83 per month and supports unlimited active offers, active agreements, monthly sessions, and 10000 contacts.

4. The Coaches Console 

The Coaches Console is designed to help new coaches build an entire coaching system. So unlike Honeybook and Satori, you can select a theme and create a website within the Coaches Console. The new website is then automatically connected to a backend system that automates administrative work.

Therefore, it’s really designed for first-time coaches that want a simple platform to attract new leads and sign new clients. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to host your entire course within the platform, so you’ll have to integrate it with another project management software.

As for the CRM, you’ll see that you can track conversations, automate follow-ups, schedule meetings, and create canned email responses to clients. It also offers coaching agreement templates for first-timers who don’t have a coaching agreement.

As for invoicing, you can create a branded invoice and send it automatically. Unfortunately, it only accepts payment through credit cards and PayPal. 

 Key Features

  • A website builder for coaches that don’t have a website
  • Backend administrative task automation like canned email responses and automated follow-ups
  • An intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard that helps you manage your clients by displaying key measures like status and lead source.  
  • Schedule builder that allows you to organize events and track appointments.
  • A central location that allows you to manage all your contacts without the need to look for different emails, addresses, and phone numbers from elsewhere. 
  • Coaching contract templates for first-time coaches that don’t have a contract
  • The status report enables you to note key topics discussed and to-dos.

Who is The Coaches Console For? 

The Coaches Console is great for new coaches that need a quick all-in-one system including a website and a backend system that automates administrative tasks. While it won’t store any of your coaching or course material, it is a simple and easy way for first time coaches to close their first clients and get up and running quickly.  


  • It’s an all-in-one solution for brand new coaches that need an entire system (other than the project management aspect)
  • Excellent member support and customer service with plenty of education tools 
  • It breaks down exactly how to sell your courses
  • It takes very little time to set up and get going


  • It’s expensive and may not be suitable for new users on a tight budget 
  • It’s also not suitable for more advanced coaches that care more about engagement than just selling as it doesn’t offer any solutions for after the sale
  • There is no place to host learning resources

Pricing Plans 

Coaches console has two payment plans: 

Core Console Plan: This costs $147 per month or $1499 annually.

Total Console Plan: This costs $247 per month or $2519 annually. 

5. 10to8

10to8 is an appointment scheduling software that allows your clients to quickly and easily book time slots. While it isn’t technically a CRM, it does offer some reporting capabilities such as how many people visited the booking page, how many new customers you acquired, and upcoming appointments. 

Unlike free calendar tools like Google Calendar or Calendly, 10to8 sends automated SMS or email reminders to avoid no-shows. It also allows you to conduct online payments using existing payment processing providers, making booking even more convenient. 

In addition, it integrates with external calendars like Google Calendar, Microsoft Calendar, and iCal to ensure you don’t double book. 

Therefore, it might be a good option to adopt as part of your CRM if you experience a lot of no-shows. 

Key Features

  • Online appointment booking enables your customers to make, cancel, or reschedule appointments at any time. 
  • Automated reminders through emails, SMS, or voice calls with options to confirm, cancel, or reschedule an appointment. 
  • 10to8’s calendar automatically syncs with your other calendars once an appointment is scheduled. 
  • Client Database Management centralizes client information. Easily reference, store, manage and update client data such as a postal address, email, appointment history, notes, and much more. 


  • Automate scheduling
  • Easy, quick, and straightforward setup 
  • Excellent integration options 
  • SMS and email reminders to reduce no-shows
  • Automatically syncs with your other calendars


  • Additional features require subscriptions 
  • Limited time slots 
  • Outdated interface 
  • Live chat and telephone support are not available 

Pricing plans 

10to8 has the following price options: 

Free plan: This allows up to 100 bookings and 2 staff logins 

Basic plan: This costs $9.6 per month and offers 100 bookings, 2 staff logins, and branding. Grow plan: It goes for $ 20 monthly with 100 bookings, 3 staff logins, branding, and enhanced features. 

Bigger Business plan: This costs $40 per month and offers 600 bookings, 6 staff logins, brandings, enhanced features, and other features.

6. TrueCoach 

This software was designed to assist personal trainers and fitness organizations in launching remote coaching and training services. This includes communicating and sharing workouts and workout videos with customers remotely. 

Coaches can quickly create training modules, track fitness progress, and create their video collection using this tool. Clients also love it as they can easily log their workouts and track their progress with a nutrition tracker, progress tracker, and more. 

It even has a library of exercises to inspire and assist users.

TrueCoach automates emails, billing, and other administrative tasks from an administrative standpoint. 

Key Features

  • Customizable forms allow you to track registration and document any follow-up and interactions. 
  • Automatic reminders to help you easily manage all tasks across various periods.
  • Calendar that helps manage your schedule and add other team members 
  • Track nutrition, workout progress, and compliance
  • Use the program builder to create personalized workouts and even leverage the TrueCoach exercise library


  • Easy to customize 
  • Easy to track and measure progress from eating habits to workouts
  • Extensive workout video library and capacity 
  • Easy to set up and use 


  • It’s expensive 
  • No android app for users 
  • No community aspect
  • It may not be suitable for coaches with few clients

Pricing Plans 

True coach has three price tiers: 

Starter plan: $19 per month and can accommodate 5 active clients

Standard plan: $49 per month for up to 20 climates 

Pro Plan: $99 with the ability to accommodate up to 50 active clients

Final Thoughts

If you’re struggling to automate administrative tasks, efficiently track student progress, and close more clients, select one of the CRMs above and see if it makes a difference.

If you want to try out our own platform, upcoach, you can schedule a demo with one of our sales reps. 

Some signs that upcoach might be a good fit for you is if you want to:

  • Quickly open a CRM and view detailed information on client engagement (completed to-dos, habits, etc.)
  • Improve the overall coaching experience (and your NPS score!) with one cohesive platform 
  • Spend less time juggling emails, slack messages, and social media messages and have all messages in one place 
  • Enable clients to schedule calls and meetings themselves

If that sounds like you, give upcoach a try today.

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