May Feature Updates

May Feature Updates

New month, new improvements, features, and bug fixes 😃

This May we’ve added a couple of improvements to the:

  • Client profile pages
  • Notifications

Client profile pages

Every coach needs to keep track of their client’s progress. That’s why we are constantly making enhancements to existing CRM features. 

This month we have implemented a new design of the client page in the CRM. To enable you to track your clients’ progress – if they are on top of their habits and to-dos, are they attending meetings, etc.

So what can you see on the updated client profile page:

  • Todos
  • Habits
  • Smart docs
  • Drive files
  • Forum posts

But also, see which programs they are part of, their meeting attendance, and now you can add notes that are only visible to you and other coaches that are part of your organization.


You can add new notes, edit the existing ones and delete them right on the profile page.

Super useful in case you need to add a quick observation about the client, or if there is something that you need to address on the next call.

This is only visible to you and other admins (coaches) within the organization and you can tag a coach that you wish to notify about the note.


Here you will see all the meetings that are connected to the Program that your client is a part of. So, in case you notice that your client has been skipping the calls, you can reach out and check what’s up. Or simply use the data for the final report, for eg. “Diane, here’s your report, out of 20 meetings you attended 15”.

To-dos and habits

These two tabs in the client profile are the same as the ones that are in the Program and Agenda. You can see all the habits and to-dos here, but also add new ones when needed.

Smart Docs and Drive

The same goes for these two – you can see all the documents that are assigned to your client. The only difference here is that you can open the existing docs (when you click on them, it will open in the new tab) and delete them from a client. But, you can’t add a new document from the client profile (we are working on improving this).

For the Drive, you can preview all of the files that the user uploaded.

Forum Posts

Here is where you can see how engaged your clients are in their respective Programs. You will see all the posts that they added to the forum, and you can click on each post to go to the thread where you can continue the conversation.


Have you noticed the new page in the Admin area? Yes, we added the Notifications!

Here is where you can enable and disable different client notification emails. You can also edit the contents of each email, personalizing the Subject lines and body text.

To edit the contents of the emails that will go out to your clients, click the Edit button, and you will see this pop-up box, where you can edit the text of the email and use some personalization tags that are different for each of these emails.

We also separated some email notifications that used to be in one into two emails:

  • A daily reminder for pending to-dos
  • Unread notifications (like asking for feedback after meetings…)

Another update of the notifications: if you are running multiple organizations in upcoach and have clients participating in all or some of them, they will receive a separate email notification for each of these organizations. 

We are working on some exciting improvements and feature updates on the platform, and we will inform you as soon as we have them ready for you. Until then, feel free to reach out if you have a feature request or need help with the existing upcoach features. Our team will gladly give you a hand.

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