episode 12 of the upcoach podcast with Jessica Miller

Ep.12: Optimizing Offers and Embracing Skills: Mastering the Art of Hell Yes Offers with Jessica Miller


Ever wondered what it really takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Our discussion with Jessica Miller unveils some powerful insights. 

Jessica Miller is a Sales and Growth Strategist that helps established entrepreneurs optimize their offers for profit so they can stop chasing clients and money, and instead generate consistent income while doing less.

After working with dozens of business owners, she has seen that the difference between burnout and thriving is having a Hell Yes Offer at the center of the business. Jessica has spoken at The StoryBrand Made Simple Summit, The Maine Women’s Conference, and several others, and is a favorite guest expert in private high-level masterminds and has been a guest on much-loved podcasts like Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club and The Next On Scene podcast. 

Jessica takes us through her journey, from launching a ‘Hell Yes’ offer to creating a successful model for entrepreneurs to optimize their offers for maximum profits. All this while working less! She shares her unique approach to consultancy and coaching, emphasizing the importance of giving yourself permission to be successful and to show up powerfully for your clients.

But what does it mean to ‘show up powerfully’? Jessica explains this by highlighting the importance of clarity in coaching and understanding the necessity to own your talents and skills sets. She also talks about staying focused, creating specific offers, and building your brand to reach a wider audience.

We also delve into how mentors, data, and intuition guided her to recognize her own skills. And lastly, Jessica shares how to understand and navigate environmental factors affecting your business. Get ready for a chat that’s packed with actionable insights to empower your entrepreneurial journey. Join us and learn how to take your business to the next level.

Additional Note:

Jessica and her team work with clients on retainer, but recently released a new offer for customized VIP days that is unique to the coaching marketplace and so much fun (it’s also getting a lot of attention from people saying it’s something they’ve never seen) – https://rockyourbiz.us/. It weaves in nicely to her messaging of having an offer that you love (that’s Hell Yes!) and also dialing in (and dialing up) the offers that work and optimizing them for profits and your target market.

Episode quotes

The kind of work that Jessica engages in

I worked with people on creating what I call their Hell Yes Offer. After doing that and really helping people blow their business up in a really powerful way of connecting that Hell yes energy of things that really excite them with the offer that they share with people, I started working with more established entrepreneurs.

When I started working with them, what I found was it wasn’t about just creating Hell Yes offers because they had a business. It was growing. Those offers were proven, and they were enjoying it, but there was something that was making them hit this plateau.

I started working with them and optimizing their offers for profits and really looking for that gap in their business that was going to create the biggest amount of momentum, energy, cash flow, clients, whatever that was, and then helping them create plans around doing that thing that’s working that much better. What it resulted in was them creating more money and more time while doing a whole lot less. 

The one thing that made a really big impact on her ability to get clients results

I’m from New York, and so that sort of stuck with me my whole career about being sort of a direct person and a big energy. And at first, I think I really dialed that down. I didn’t want to push my customers too much. I didn’t want to push my clients too much.

But the truth of the matter is that I think as coaches and consultants, people need us to hold that space for them in a way that’s powerful. And that means, sometimes, just being able to lay it down on the line and belief that your client is going to create what it is that you’re seeing and being able to give them permission to sort of get rid of the rest of the stuff.

And I found personally, when it comes to growth and really dialing in to those one things that work, you have to give people permission to go all-in on that and own it. And sometimes they’re in a place where they’re afraid to let go of the other things. If you show up in that wishy-washy energy, they will respond to that wishy-washy energy with their own insecurities. 

The importance of believing in yourself and your skill sets

The bottom line when you’re on a call with somebody and they need your help is that they’re not fully in belief yet. Either they need the validation of that, or they need your expertise or your outside perspective.

But when you’re coming to the table and you see it, or they’re not staying focused on it, you need to be able to be all-in on the result that you’re helping them create so that you can hold the space for them to decide to commit, to believe in that.

And I believe if you show up in that place when you’re not bulletproof in the belief in your own abilities and what you’re seeing and your expertise, it’s hard to hold the space for somebody else to believe that and that plan that you’re putting forth.

If you believe it is the best opportunity for them, if you’re marrying that with the data and your experience, then you have to be able to help them buy into that too, and the ability to do that, I think, is a really powerful piece in them creating that result. 

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