The Brunner Method: Shaping Powerful Communicators with Liz Brunner

Ep.14: The Brunner Method: Shaping Powerful Communicators with Liz Brunner


Lights, camera, action! This episode welcomes Liz Brunner, an award-winning news anchor turned successful business owner. A classically trained singer and former high school teacher, Liz takes us on a fascinating journey that showcases a unique perspective on storytelling. Learn how she uses her voice to help leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and creators communicate more effectively.

Liz generously shares her 4 C’s framework for creating powerful presentations: Confidence, Content, Clarity, and Conversation.

This is the secret sauce of the Brunner Method, a unique approach that empowers clients to understand and relay their content in a way that resonates with audiences. Discover how Liz’s experiences, the challenges she faced while growing her business, and the highs and lows of her entrepreneurial journey contribute to her successful career as a coach. 

But this isn’t just a conversation about communication – it’s a symphony of experiences and insights. Inspired by her musical background, Liz shares the benefits of practicing speeches backwards.

Yes, backwards! Starting with the end in mind can capture your audience right away and improve content, clarity, and energy. Hear her recount her time as a news anchor using conversational storytelling to connect with her audience.

Liz’s narrative underscores the significance of balancing professionalism with a relatable persona. Join us for entertaining and enriching insights into the world of effective communication.

Episode quotes

Transitioning from teaching to anchoring to coaching

When the television industry was changing, I felt like there was something more that I could do, and I wanted truly to take what I feel had been the gifts that I’ve been blessed with, the skills and the expertise that I’ve honed over this crazy career that I’ve had, and be able to bring it and share it with other people. 

So, in many respects, I started out as a teacher, and now I’m a teacher and a coach once again. And the theme, if you will, and people say, how did you go from that to this? It’s all storytelling, and it’s all using your voice. When I was singing, I was singing stories and teaching students how to sing stories. In my television career, I was sharing other people’s stories, giving them a platform. As a coach, I’m helping my clients use their voice and learn how to tell their stories. And now, as a keynote speaker and an author, I’m sharing my story.

On launching her coaching business

I made the decision that day, and I left and launched six weeks later, and I never looked back. And so, to be able to share the expertise that I have and the coaching and the teaching, I love it. It’s all storytelling, and using your voice and being able to help people feel good about that really means a lot to me. And I’ve kind of developed a couple of things.

Well, I call it Liz’s 4 C’s. Number one, you have to have confidence. Number two, you have to know your content. Number three, you have to have clarity of your content. And number four, you have to deliver it in a conversational way. And so, being able to help people do that…. I see the progress in my clients often before they do, but when they see it, it is the best feeling in the world.

On starting your content at the end

When I’m working with clients on how to put their content together, and again, any content to me is storytelling, and it has an open, it has a middle, and it has a close, and a lot of people think that they need to start at the beginning. I always say start at the end. What do you want the fourth quarter to look like? What do you want the end game to look like? What is the goal of the remarks that you’re sharing? Why should people even listen to you? What’s in it for them? And when you figure that out to me, then you can begin to figure out how you want to begin.

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