Episode 9 with Todd Herman

Ep.9: Don’t fail to do this… with Todd Herman


Ready to elevate your coaching game and deliver impressive results to your clients? This episode is just the ticket. Your host, Todd Herman, takes you on a deep dive into the importance of creating a consistent structure for coaching conversations. He unravels the mystery behind why some coaches struggle to retain clients and generate referrals and how a well-defined coaching framework can solve these woes.

Todd shares insights from his early sports career, painting a vivid picture of how a game plan, or a loose framework, significantly boosts the effectiveness of your coaching sessions. And just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, he unpacks the GROW model – your ultimate key to successful coaching. Todd explicates every component of this model and how they can guide your coaching conversations, challenge client assumptions, and help you define clear objectives. Buckle up to learn how to masterfully use this model to define your brand as a coach and stand out in your field. Let’s get your coaching practice in top gear, together!

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The challenge of not having a structured coaching session

If you don’t have a good structure, a good model, or a good framework for how you consistently have your conversations, you leave your clients with a roller coaster of results or a roller coaster of experiences from each of your different sessions instead of consistently always producing a defined outcome or defined action plan that they can go and use until your next session.

They might have a great session with you, they might have a poor session with you, but they can’t even pinpoint why it is and when that happens, that is going to affect people returning to you, people re-upping, people renewing, et cetera.

So, I highly encourage you to, if you don’t already have a very well-defined structure for how you operate your coaching sessions, now, don’t make the mistake of being someone who goes and accumulates 40 different types of models or frameworks for how you deliver a session to clients.

So many people think that that’s what they should be doing so they can maybe show their mastery of coaching, but the reality is the most effective and highly paid coaches in the world will have one to three models or frameworks that they typically would basically push their conversation through.

The power of coaching with a structured model/framework

I highly encourage you on your pathway to growing and mastering this particular business that we’re all in, that you go out and you decide on an important framework model to include in your coaching process. The moment that you do, it starts to really up level your coaching skill set.

More importantly, the results for all of our clients. It’s the systemization of one really, really critical part of our world.

There’s so many people out there that have really poor experiences in the world of coaching, but if you can be the one that delivers a powerful experience, it sets you so much further apart than the other people out there who hang up a shingle and call themselves a coach. This is a part of becoming a transformative leader in our space.

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