upcoach podcast - episode 4 with Dan Go

Ep.4: Coaching and accountability in the fitness industry with Dan Go


We welcome Dan Go to the show to talk about health and fitness. Dan is a fitness coach, and the CEO of High Performance Founder, a program that specializes in helping high-achieving entrepreneurs transform their bodies with ease and minimal stress.

When he was still a trainer, Dan thought everything was just diet and nutrition. But then he realized that data points were much more important when it came to progress or getting the right results. The more data points that they have, the more it gives them a better picture or holistic view of where they, and their clients, are headed to.

In this episode, Dan talks about how they help founders, CEOs, New York Times bestsellers, and other high-performing leaders achieve their fitness goals and become the healthiest versions of themselves. Their intent is to help people get lean, build muscle, and boost energy and to have that trickle into the other aspects of their lives.

Episode quotes

Why Dan chooses to work with entrepreneurs and leaders

I want to make the most impact as possible. I want to talk to the leaders. And then the leaders are the ones who impact other people with their product, services, and their books.

Why their program is successful

What we do is we want them to be seen, to be heard, and to know that someone else is on the other side, looking at what they’re doing on a regular basis. I like to say that accountability is probably the key that unlocks the results in terms of our own programs. We have a 94% success rate with the people that go in our programs and the people that get results. And the big part of it is because of this accountability matrix.

On why incorporating small check-ins are important in their process

The small wins are a reflection of the bigger things that are going on with them. And a lot of times, especially being the human experience itself, we’re always thinking about the survival mechanisms. We’re always thinking about what’s going wrong. We always have our minds in this mode where we’re looking at more negative things than we really should. And it’s on us as coaches to really just point out these small wins that are happening as a result of all the positive things that they’re doing. Because it actually gives them positive reinforcement to keep on doing the things that they are doing. It gives them more reasons to do that.

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