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Our Experts Program is designed to help our upcoach users build and their coaching business with the help of Marketing, Sales, Design and Development specialists.

If you...

Work with coaches and the coaching industry in general

You provide consulting services on business, technology, or customer service strategy.

You provide any of these services: digital marketing, branding, and design, custom development, copywriting, etc.

...then you are a great fit to be our partner!

Become an upcoach Expert

0% commission

* Become upcoach affiliate and you don’t have to commission for the leads that come from upcoach. If there are no leads withing a year, we will refund you the initial fee.

Become an upcoach App Developer

20% commission

Let’s build a community of happy upcoach users


You will work individually with upcoach users and provide your Marketing, Design, or Setup services for their upcoach organization, on your own terms. 

We trust our partners’ expertise, and we are more than happy to always refer our users over to you. So it’s a win-win-win situation!

You will also be listed on our Experts Page, where you can showcase your services.

App Developers

With the increased demand for custom upcoach blocks and specific integrations with other platforms, we partner up with developers that can build custom integrations with different applications and platforms (i.e. marketing platforms, scheduling platforms, databases, etc.).

You can help our users build an ideal platform for delivering their coaching programs.

App Dev

upcoach Affiliates

Become an upcoach affiliate and earn a 30% commission for every subscription payment (on any upcoach plan) as long as the user is using upcoach.

Spread the word about upcoach and help us change the lives of millions of coaches and clients.

When you become our partner, you will have access to our community of experts, partner resources, and partner training course.

Why should you become our esteemed partner?

Because we are on a mission to transform people’s lives. In the next couple of years we want impact lives of at least 5 million people. Ambitious goal, but we believe that with your help we can achieve anything we imagine.

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