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Bob Gentle / AmplifyMe

“I help business leaders around the worlddiscover, set and achieve their goals online…”

Hybrid strategic advisory, coaching and technical support to help leaders around the world to discover, set and achieve their goals online – and build a business they love.

Bob Gentle is the host of the Personal Brand Business Show podcast and Youtube channel and the author of the Personal Brand Business Roadmap. He works with coaches, consultants, speakers, authors and creatives – those in the ‘expert’ space to help them build, market and monetize a strong personal brand.

Bob works with a small number of people at a time to help them set a vision, define goals and then works with them to make the dream a reality. Along the way his team helps clients past technical barriers and Bob coaches them when the journey inevitably takes them to the edge of the comfort zone and beyond.


  • Coaching – specifically around the personal brand business;
  • Strategic advisory & consulting;
  • Personal brand strategy & development;
  • Content strategy, creation & repurposing;
  • Podcast & Youtube setup;
  • Technical infrastructure for web, email, creative & automation;
  • Productization and marketing;
  • Sales strategy & infrastructure.

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