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Coaching Program Design Mastery:
Enhancing Coaching Programs with Pages
  • For a more efficient way to design individual, group, and cohort-based coaching programs.
  • If you aim to boost the overall client experience in your programs.
Video Sneak Peek:
  • Effortlessly add and manage multiple pages for a dynamic coaching program.
  • Intuitively create, label, and organize your program pages.
  • Move design blocks & building blocks between pages to enhance page layouts.
  • Streamline your sidebar navigation for better user guidance.
  • Incorporate FAQs, client testimonials, coach spotlights, and feature boxes to enrich your program content.
Event Management Simplified:
New Events Page for Streamlined Administration
  • If you need more streamlined event management for coaching.
  • If you're juggling multiple coaching programs simultaneously.
  • If you’re leading a team of coaches.
Video Sneak Peek:
  • Organize and manage events from all your coaching programs on one intuitive page.
  • Easily navigate between different coaches' events within your organization.
  • Simplify participant management for past events.
  • Deploy post-event feedback surveys effortlessly and gather insights systematically.
Worksheet Innovation (Smart Documents):
New Response Types & Course Integration
  • If you're integrating worksheets to streamline your coaching process.
  • To minimize administrative tasks by reusing worksheet templates.
  • To enhance the learning experience.
Video Sneak Peek:
  • Build a sample "Initial Coaching Assessment & Goals" worksheet.
  • Find out how to integrate a worksheet into a course lesson for enhanced learning experiences.
  • See client interaction with worksheets in action and how to track their progress.
  • Discover how to apply various response types such as Text, Linear Scale, Multiple Choice, and more for dynamic feedback collection.
  • Insert coach notes into your worksheets effortlessly and export them with the PDF feature.
Automation Advantage:
Streamlining Your Coaching Operations
  • To streamline your coaching workflow with automation (if you’re aiming to significantly cut down on manual administrative tasks).
  • When seamless and uniform client onboarding matters to you.
Video Sneak Peek:
  • Uncover automation tactics to minimize admin work for 1-on-1, group, and cohort base coaching programs.
  • Learn to replicate and personalize coaching programs with ease.
  • Assign tasks and share resources automatically to welcome new clients.
  • Find out how to auto-invite new clients to events, enhancing participation.
  • Get a glimpse of an automated and superior client experience journey.
Navigation Enhanced:
Tailor Your User Experience with New Homepage Feature
  • For coaches managing diverse programs (1on1, Group, Cohort Base Coaching) and seeking a more personalized client interface.
  • If you're looking to simplify your clients' platform experience with intuitive navigation.
Video Sneak Peek:
  • Unveil the new homepage feature offering a new alternative to the standard upcoach navigation.
  • Explore how enhanced homepage navigation can elevate your clients’ experience.
  • Learn to enable the homepage feature for your clients for yourself or both.
  • Understand the distinctive benefits of the homepage and programs.
  • Decide which setup—default or Homepage—aligns best with your coaching strategy.


Weekly Task Planner

A calendar view for your tasks

Community/Forum Improvements

Add a prompt to a forum category

Edit Past Meeting Notes (Agendas)

Streamline your workflow with the ability to effortlessly modify past meeting notes.

What is cooking?

Targeting in Q3
upcoach Offers

Transform the way you sell your coaching services with the soon-to-be-released upcoach Offers — your go-to tool for selling your coaching programs and courses. This feature seamlessly integrates with your Stripe account, allowing you to create tailored offers, set prices, and customize your checkout experience by including multiple coaching programs.

With upcoach Offers, you can manage all your sales activities in one place. From monitoring sales to adjusting offers on the fly, everything is designed to streamline your business operations. Say goodbye to external payment setups, as upcoach Offers simplifies and streamlines your sales process in one single platform.

Targeting in late Q4
upcoach Scheduling

Simplify your planning with the soon-to-be-released upcoach Scheduling — your future all-in-one tool for orchestrating coaching sessions. Seamlessly integrating with the entire upcoach suite and your personal calendar.

This scheduler will link effortlessly with meeting notes, agendas, coaching programs, and more, ensuring you and your clients can sync up effortlessly. Say goodbye to the hassle of third-party tools soon. upcoach Scheduling is on its way to streamline your time management in one convenient platform.

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