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Intro: Welcome to the upcoach podcast


In the inaugural episode of the upcoach Podcast, your host Todd Herman introduces the purpose and vision that we have for this podcast.

Our vision for this podcast is to be your trusted mentor and guide as you navigate the coaching industry. We understand the incredible impact of having mentors and learning from the best in the field.

upcoach team

Starting today, we’ll be releasing a brand-new episode every Tuesday

Ensuring a consistent flow of inspiration and knowledge for you. We already have an incredible lineup of episodes waiting to be released. In the upcoming episodes, you can look forward to discovering how a legendary coach establishes deep trust and connection with clients, or how another coach creates accountability that yields extraordinary results. We’ll also explore mindset shifts that can transform the way you view coaching and your role within it. And this is just the beginning—there’s so much more in store for you!

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to express our deepest gratitude for joining us on this podcasting adventure. We can’t wait to continue serving you and providing valuable content that will help you thrive in the coaching industry.