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Ep 2: Cohort-based coaching: bringing beople together with David Henzel


Today, we are excited to bring you a soft-spoken German fellow and upcoach co-founder, David Henzel, who is passionate about individuals and their organizations reaching their full potential. 

In this episode, David talks about his passion project Managing Happiness (Peak Performance Group Coaching for entrepreneurs). We also go into why transparency is an essential part of a cohort or group coaching experience, how group coaching can bring people together, and why having a system to help make that easier only elevates the experience for everyone that’s involved. 

Finally, David shares the one thing that can radically shift the engagement in the completion of any cohort or group coaching program. Enjoy the episode!

What does the Managing Happiness program do?

We help people to figure out their personal mission, vision and values, and their goals. It’s basically applying business principles to your personal life.

Why did you build this program? 

My wife went through breast cancer. She’s doing great today but this was a bigger wake-up moment for me. I basically envisioned myself on my deathbed, looking back at my life, thinking, did I do what I was supposed to do? Did I have the impact that I wanted to have? To live the life that I personally consider a life well-lived? Back then, I was highly focused on just for-profit business, and I realized I want to have more impact in the world. And this was a long road to figuring out what it really is that I want to do. 

Parting thoughts for coaches or coaching businesses that are listening

Do cohort-based coaching—you can impact more people’s lives. It’s not that reliant on you. You can even make more money. Make it more accessible, because it’s cheaper for people, but you make more money in the long run. And just building communities. And it’s more about the human experience. Everything is AI. Everything will not be human anymore. So, I think bringing people together is just a beautiful thing. Hence, cohort-based coaching.

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