Revolutionizing Health Coaching: The Power of Being Different with Justin Roethlingshoefer

Ep.18: Revolutionizing Health Coaching: The Power of Being Different with Justin Roethlingshoefer


Welcome to another riveting episode of the upcoach podcast, where we dive into the dynamic world of health and wellness coaching with an extraordinary guest, Justin Roethlingshoefer, gaining insights into the analytical approach that drove him to understand the “why” behind performance. Founder of OWN IT Coaching, a multi seven-figure coaching company, Justin brings a holistic perspective to health and performance, asserting that true performance emerges when physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health are optimally integrated.

In this episode, Justin takes us on a transformative journey, recounting his early passion for hockey and how it paved the way for his role as a leading figure in health and wellness coaching. From the pivotal moments that shaped his approach to the industry to the incorporation of data-driven strategies, Justin shares the secrets behind his success in retaining high-profile clients, including those from the NHL, NFL, and the entrepreneurial world.

Explore the significance of differentiation in the coaching industry, as Justin shares how being “different” and emphasizing personalization has propelled OWN IT Coaching’s rapid growth. Uncover the central role of client retention in their success, boasting an impressive 94% retention rate, and learn how focusing on existing clients has become a cornerstone of their business model.

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Breaking the mold: Justin’s discovery of a new path to health and energy

I started to realize, “Man, everything that we’ve been doing thus far from a physical preparation standpoint has been a broad brushstroke of effect. Everybody is doing the same thing. It’s everyone supplementing the same. Everyone’s supposed to sleep the same. Everyone’s supposed to train the same. Everyone’s supposed to recover the same.” And then we wonder why everybody is falling into these norms in terms of the data, why everyone’s falling in these norms of sickness rates, norms in terms of  injury rates, norms in terms of performance rates. And the outliers are very small.

And it was that moment when I stepped into NHL and really started to create these frameworks and processes that were built off of data and really looking at what does each individual person need. And once we do that, how do we then create this large amount of change.

And in 2019-2020, it just hit me square in the face and I was like, “Man, this is not just an athlete problem. This is a human problem. We’re striving for something more. We want to have more energy. We want to have more mental clarity. We want to have more focus. We want to be able to extend our life and have longevity.” But yet, we’re just doing what everybody else is telling us to do and not understanding this thing that we live in.

The power of being different in health coaching

The first word I’m going to elaborate on is “different”. And the reason that I say “different” is because that’s been our focus since day one, being different than every other health coaching company out there. 

Every other health coaching company is going to talk about nutrition and exercise. Every other health coaching company is going to be the broad brushstroke effect. And when you’re different than other people, you stand out. And when you truly take ownership of different, you stand out for the positive way and you don’t have to be first.

When you’re trailblazing, you have to convince people of what’s going on, but once they actually understand what’s there and you’re different, they’re convicted to go with you.

Personalization over scale in building a thriving business

I think we’ve gotten away from personalization because all we think about is scale, but in actuality, if you build a system that is all about personalization, that’s when you can actually scale personalization.

And that’s what we’ve done that’s different. And so we’ve compounded these two things in a very profound way that all of a sudden in two years, we’re touching worth of 50, 000 people. And so when you come back to the question, “Okay, what is the one thing that you’re doing that’s allowed this?”

And it comes from the mindset that your best client is the one that you already have. And you will never, you won’t see marketing from us. We don’t put ads out, and whether this is to our fault or not, we just, we don’t market that way. Why? It’s all grown through retention.

The importance of navigating an adaptive closed loop system

A big part of what we do during the whole process is we educate. That’s the number one thing that we say we are as we educate people on how to stay healthy. Like, I want to win at business, I want to win in these areas, but you don’t win in your health. The goal is to stay healthy. And the thing about this closed loop or this closed system is it’s ever-evolving, it’s ever-adapting, it’s ever-changing to the different seasons, to the different stressors that are going on.

And so we’re constantly educating them on this, which is why we always retest every three months or every six months. And so the fact that we’re always retesting, the fact that we’re always reformulating supplementation, the fact that we’re always curating based upon their lifestyle, based upon the changes that are going on in the seasonality, they’re like, “Man, I know too much about my body now not to be proactive in this and because I want to continue to stay in this.” So education has been a massive part of what we do in again being different. 

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