Ep 1: Unlocking coaching success: ‘mastering mindset and beyond’ with Todd Herman


Join me, Todd Herman, as I kick off the upcoach podcast by sharing my journey from starting as a mental game coach in 1997 to building and selling the world’s largest mental game coaching and peak performance company. Listen as I explore the transformative power of coaching and the gap in the market for coaching information. I’ll also be introducing some of the most phenomenal people in the coaching world who will share one key idea that’s helped shape their career and transform their clients’ lives. 

In our discussion, we’ll also focus on the power of shifting paradigms and the impact it can have on a client’s relaxation. We’ll tackle the narrative around belief issues and reassess their role in performance issues, considering that physical or environmental factors may also play a part. Wrapping up the episode, we reflect on the importance of investing in ourselves and our businesses. 

So, join us on this exciting journey, fuel your passion for coaching, and discover why upcoach is your next big step in the coaching industry. Remember to check out upcoach!

The upcoach podcast provides transformative coaching insights in 20 Minutes 

I love the world of coaching. However, I think that there’s a bit of a gap in the market right now when it comes to information that gets out there. So much of the stuff that I see nowadays is propping up coaching as a great source of income for people, and while that may be true for many people, I think many are missing the point on what is the great transformative power of coaching, which is why I want to bring on luminaries, phenomenal people that have been in this space for a long time; undiscovered gems that have been out there for a long time, that have great credibility, great authority, and have them come on and share one big key idea that’s helped to shape their career and their ability and their skills to help their clients transform in whatever arena that might be inside of. And I want to do it in less than 20 minutes. Sometimes I hit the mark, sometimes I don’t, because I just can’t get them to stop sharing that one little extra piece of nuance around that one thing that they’re sharing with you. So, basically, at the end of this, you can have a cup of coffee and finish a great idea that you can go and take as a tool, a mindset shift or a process that will help you to transform the people that you’ve got in your world.  

On shifting the paradigm by shifting the environment for success 

Before you make it about yourself, it’s literally that your environment isn’t set up for your success. Let’s just shift the environment. Let’s move the papers around, let’s lay out the clothing in the morning or making it very simple for someone. And they go, “Oh really, it’s not.” And remember, because you’re an authority, you have credibility with people, you saying it and setting the frame relaxes the client because you didn’t go to and agree with them on the fact that this is actually a mindset issue. Before we make this a mindset issue, let’s investigate this a little bit more. I’m breaking their frame. A part of the world of mindset is also organizing the environment or helping to shape better behaviors and routines or rituals in your life, which are all at the physical level. I’m not going inside quite yet. It’s one of the last places that I want to go. Now, again, when you’re coaching people through that process, you are shifting paradigms. So, it is a process of shaping the mental game, but I’m not diving into beliefs, I’m not diving into attitudes and plucking that spider’s web and creating more resistance than I ever need to be.

The ripple effect of coaching

Think of caution tape around people’s heads. One of the last places I want to make a problem for people is their beliefs about themselves and the world around them, and instead, chunk it up to something that might be lighter or easier or simpler, something that’s more actionable. It might be in their environment, in their behaviors, something that is easy to implement as a habit or a new routine and lighten that load for people. There’s a lot of people carrying around some pretty heavy weights. What I love about coaching is if we can reach into that backpack that people are wearing that’s invisible to them and we can lighten the load and take it out, you can physically see the shift that happens in them where they actually de-stress, they de-anxiety for themselves. That’s one of those feedback loops that we get to be paid with beyond the monetary side of things every single day, which then can make a super big impact in the way that that person shows up in the world and who they then go and impact, whether it’s their own kids, it’s their spouses, it’s their own teams. It’s just being a better citizen in the world. The most beautiful part about coaching is those amazing ripples that we all get to create in the world. 

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