“Learn to adapt your communication style for every person in your professional and personal life”

About TypeCoach

TypeCoach offers an adaptive communication system… a combination of online tools and training that teach people how to adapt their approach to meet the communication needs of others based on personality type differences/similarities. 

For the last 18 years, we have worked with the world’s leading global organizations to help their teams, leaders and salespeople become adaptive communicators. We are the “how to manual” on emotional intelligence, providing our clients with simple, practical and powerful tools to expand their scope of influence and interact more effectively and productively with everyone in their lives. 

Participants in our programs learn how to identify the personality type of others based on clues in behavior – and how to adjust accordingly. Our combination of online tools with ongoing access an interactive, discussion-led training provides a unique learning combination with proven impact and results. 

We have a network of approximately 1,000 independent coaches, facilitators and consultants who use our tools and training with their clients. In addition, we offer three certification programs that allow graduates to use our tools and training courses with their clients.



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