Custom Setup Service

Migrating your courses to upcoach within 3 days

Got content on a different platform and need help migrating?​

Here's what you'll get:

  • 2 Program Templates ready for your clients
  • 3 Courses (up to 15 lessons each) moved from other platforms
  • 3 Smart Doc Templates from your worksheets and PDFs
  • 1 Agenda Template for running your meetings in upcoach
  • 60-min Consultation with an upcoach expert to get you started on using upcoach confidently
  • Access to the upcoach Knowledge Base containing step-by-step documentation for using everything we’ve built for you
  • Import of all your clients into upcoach

How to get started with the Custom Setup service

Step 1

Fill in a quick form (7 mins) sharing with us everything we need to build your upcoach organization

Step 2

Once we have all the necessary information our team of experts will jump in and build it for you

Step 3

Our expert will show you what was done, answer any questions, and help you create a strategy for using upcoach

Step 4

Your first program in upcoach is ready, you can now invite your clients into upcoach and start coaching

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