The Life line app

Reflect on key people and events to understand how they have impacted your life.
Discover life-changing moments, learn, and set the course for success.
It's free and only takes a few minutes.

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What is the
Life line app?

Making sense of different events in your life can be extremely overwhelming. A Life line app is a simple exercise that shows you how past events and decisions impacted your present and future.

In a nutshell, it’s a chart that represents changes or trends in your life. For example, you can start by picking your birth date, and then listing key events and choices in your life as well as how you felt about them (e.g., on a scale from -5 to 5).

Once you’ve added everything you wanted, you will instantly see your chart and will be able to track your progress towards your goals over time.

What are the practical use cases of the Life line app in coaching practice?

A great many, in fact!

  • Use the Life line app for the length of your coaching program. The starting point doesn’t always have to be the birth date. The tool is flexible and allows you to track your client’s progress with your program.
  • Track goal progress. Together with your clients, identify key milestones and encourage them to track progress toward achieving specific goals.
  • Identify patterns. Spot patterns and trends in a client’s behavior or progress over time. This can help both you as a coach and your clients identify areas where they may need additional support or areas where they are excelling.
  • Measure change. Life line charts can help measure changes in a client’s mood, behavior, or other important variables over time. This can help see the impact of coaching interventions or other changes in the client’s life.
  • Celebrate successes. Life line charts are a useful tool for celebrating successes and milestones with clients. Seeing progress represented visually can be very motivating and will help clients recognize their achievements.

What are the benefits of using the Life line app?

The Life Line app is a valuable addition to your coaching practice, helping you to connect with your clients and steer them toward success.

  • Visualizing progress: The Life line app shows clients their progress over time, acting as continuous motivation and inspiration for meeting their goals.

  • Measuring success and celebrating achievements: The app is easy-to-use and interactive which makes it simple for coaches to manage and easy for clients to submit.

  • Fostering self-awareness: The Life line app helps clients become more self-aware by seeing their progress over time and identifying areas where they may need additional support or resources.

  • Encouraging accountability: When clients see their progress over time, it’s easier to stay accountable to their goals and commitments.

  • Promoting reflection: The Life line app invites your clients to reflect on their progress, strengths, and areas for improvement.

  • Facilitating communication: The app can be used as a visual aid during coaching sessions, helping make the most of each session.

  • Supporting decision-making: Reflection and accountability help clients make well-informed decisions and change their lives for the better.

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