Enhanced client interaction with Smart Documents

Implement Smart Documents in your coaching practice to experience a blend of technology and personal touch that drives success. These tools are not just about managing information—they’re about enhancing relationships and fostering deeper engagement

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How to create Smart Doc template
How to add Smart Doc block to your program
How to assign Smart Doc to your clients

Ease of use

Starting with Smart Documents is straightforward, ensuring that both coaches and clients can focus on what truly matters—growth and development. Here’s how:

  • 1
    Template Design
    Begin by crafting a customized template that reflects your coaching methodology, with easily editable blocks for dynamic interaction
  • 2
    Document Assignment
    Assign these personalized documents to your clients, targeting specific areas for development or feedback.
  • 3
    Engagement Tracking:
    Track your client’s interaction and document completion, ensuring that they are on the right track

Benefits Tailored to Every Role

For Coaches

For Clients

Smart Doc capabilities

Smart Documents are equipped with a range of features designed to enhance the coaching experience for your clients:


Use one of the existing Smart Doc templates or create your own based on your needs. Duplicate, tweak and assign.

Progress tracking

Easily track progress of your clients with the completion status bar on each Smart Document.


Assign a collaborative document to the whole group and work together with all your program members on the same document.


Disable the feature that allows all program members to view each other's documents, ensuring that clients' entries remain private and accessible only to them and you.


Incorporate sections or entire Smart documents into your course lessons, enabling your clients to complete assignments directly within the course section.


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Innovative ways to tailor features

Smart Documents flexibly adapt to various coaching scenarios:

Client onboarding

Utilize in-depth questionnaires to capture essential background information and set the stage for effective coaching.

Goal management

Empower clients to define, document, and track their goals with precision.

Reflective journaling

Offer structured templates for clients to record insights, enhancing personal reflection and development.

Pre-session prep

Help clients prepare for sessions with focused questions and agenda points, maximizing the value of time spent together.

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