upcoach case study – Todd Herman

"We’ve increased our retention rate by 21%!"

“Even after running a coaching & training business for 22 years, we’ve already increased our retention rate in just one group program by 21%, by moving to upcoach.

The wins for us have been tremendous but our three biggest over the past two months have been:

1. Clients love the transparency and accountability of immediately capturing to-do’s and commitments during our live calls. And seeing the to-do’s of other people in the program so they can more easily support and help.

2. We now have ONE system we’re delivering our coaching & programming through, which has reduced our team’s time to support our clients by at least 2 hours per day.

3. The one-page layout of the ‘client page’ has increased our interactions in the programs by 72%! It’s simple, and has prompted our clients to engage more and complete their program milestones faster.

After we truly simplified our back-end delivery, it’s freed us up to spend way more time getting great clients. This is such a huge win for us.”

Todd Herman

Peak Performance Coach, Serial Entrepreneur and WSJ Bestselling Author Of ‘The Alter Ego Effect

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