Maintain a high level of authority and trust in the marketplace

(Like an actual coach is supposed to)

“Our marketers are pushing out the message that we are the best”

“Our clients and result say we are the best”

Grow business by creating friction with non-stop marketing investments to attract new clients.

Grow business by improving your service and thus prolonging customer time with you.

Empower positive recommendations and referrals.

Likes to be called coaching​

True, actual coaching

Educate clients

Transform clients lives

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Hey coach!

You don’t need to commit to constantly marketing your business. It’s exhausting and expensive. Plus, creating hype is getting harder, people are getting more bulletproof to marketing strategies. And these strategy refinements are also getting more expensive.

Due to the high popularity and availability of our profession, it is hard to stand out and it is just understandable why you reach out to  these “proven” methods. 

Somehow, in this ongoing chase, the reason why we are truly here slipped our mind –  to transform people’s lives. Not to attract them, and to sell to them. 

No, this is not a mushy story about what being a true coach means, and how you should put profit on the side and stay true to yourself. It is different – it is about how staying true to yourself will bring you huge profit.

So, the simple answer to the question How to Maintain a high level of authority and trust in the marketplace (and thus grow your business) is – Just be an actual coach, and do what coaches are supposed to do: Transform people’s lives.

2019 Todd Herman NYC
Todd Herman

Co-Founder @ upcoach

But how to do that?

A true client-centric transformation often entails rethinking a business itself, which is the only way the transformation can achieve its full impact and remain sustainable.

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Transformation - Led Growth Course™ by Todd Herman

Around 3h of material with templates, checklist, smart docs, and visuals!

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There is no silver bullet—only a holistic approach will succeed.

That holistic approach is broken into 6 main modules:

  1. What is behind Transformation Led Growth, what are the key concepts that make this growth model so powerful
  2. How to create powerful results in your coaching business
  3. How you develop powerful relationships
  4. How u create a powerful Retention model
  5. How you activate referrals in your coaching business
  6. Putting it all into action.

Questions you may have:

Anyone doing actual coaching

Beside being a co-founder of upcoach, the First Modern Coaching Platform, Todd has a 26-year career of coaching and mentoring elite coaches, pro athletes, leaders, and public figures. He is also a best-selling author of several books.

Companies that are winning today are the ones that align and build their core capabilities to exceed client expectations.These expectations of experiences are evolving at an unprecedented rate, with technology being both a trigger and a catalyst. Therefore, a holistic approach must be taken (according to the  PwC’s 10th annual Global Consumer Insights Survey).