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upcoach is the modern coaching platform for coaches that actually care about changing people’s lives

upcoach online coaching platform

All in one place, all under your brand.

Before upcoach

Files, resources, clients all over the place…multiple logins and lots of admin work.

After upcoach

All in one place – everything you need to manage your business and deliver exceptional coaching for your clients.

Over 5000 coaches trust us to
simplify, organize, and automate their coaching

Honestly, doesn't this look like a hard and painful way to keep clients  you your team happy?

Course platforms aren’t built for coaching
“So, what should I be focusing on first? I feel a bit lost.”

A coaching client doesn’t sign up to wade through tons of content, just so they could ‘learn something.’ They raised their hand because they wanted to make a change.

  • Built for content, not coaching
  • Makes tracking hard
  • Forces you to Frankenstein other systems together
Communication is spread everywhere
“Uhmmm… where’s that message again? Where did you send it?”

With the number of tools and apps people are using today to communicate, it’s so easy for messages to get lost. Facebook Groups, Messenger, WhatsApp, Email, Slack, Text Messages… and on.

  • It’s inefficient
  • It’s hard to manage
  • It’s frustrating for clients & coaches
Client & group management is difficult
“All of these systems make it so time-consuming and difficult to scale?”

Most people are forced to use separate ‘CRMs’, spreadsheets, or Trello boards to track client engagement in group programs. They have issues with whether to-do’s, tasks, or projects are getting accomplished. And, how do you know if they’re actually changing their habits unless you’re using another app or system to track it?

  • A lack of visibility
  • More hassle for clients & coaches
  • Time-consuming

How much is this costing your coaching business?

The cost of running your business the same way is probably costing you more than you think.

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Did you know?

In a study of 450 coaching businesses, over 73% of new clients came from Referrals or Reputation in the marketplace

Coaching isn’t like other markets, or products. Clients are buying a transformation delivered through some sort of relationship and method or training. Any friction, and the greatest opportunity for growth (referrals/reputation) is lost.

What if you could run transformative coaching programs?

Programs, that are easy to manage, set you up for higher renewals & referrals, and give you the ability to grow more effortlessly.

Win #01

Easily build customized coaching programs that transform clients lives

With the step-by-step program builder, you can not only deliver your training or content.

Now you can 👇

Create to-do’s or tasks

Imagine how much clarity you and your clients will get by easily seeing what needs to get done.

Track & develop habits

When you and your clients see progress or gaps, it gives you more content to coach, encourage, and support on, leading to more renewals.

Create program templates

With the click of one button, you can clone an entire, one-on-one program, a group coaching program for a new cohort, or set up a new mastermind in seconds.

Meeting & agenda scheduler

Create, Schedule, and Store all of your meeting information in one easy-to-find place. Plus, create templates for your coaching calls or trainings to stay hyper-focused and deliver world-class experiences.

Win #02

Manage all of your clients or groups in a single place

Not only will all the action be happening in a single place, saving you time, hassle and frustration.

Now you can 👇

Build & support your community

Have your community, social feed, or different conversation channels in the same place, you’re coaching. Other social platforms are allowing competitors to market to your group right now. (Facebook we’re looking at you 🧐)

Create Kanban engagement boards

You or the team can easily track where clients are or check in on who’s slipping so you can re-engage them.

Store your clients documents

With our ‘Drive’ feature, you and your client can store all of the extra documents, files, or contracts in a single place.

Win #03

Create a scalable system, so you’re excited to get more clients

The difficult part of coaching is when you’re insecure about your program delivery format, you end up avoiding selling. But the upcoach coaching platform will give you the confidence to serve more, because you’ve streamlined everything, making it easier on your clients, and it finally gives you the vision of seeing how other coaches can help deliver your genius.

Now you can 👇

Have a single point of contact

In the world of systems thinking, the more points of failure, you increase the likelihood of failure. upcoach will keep your system of delivery failure-free.

Template power

The biggest components of coaching are your process (programming), interactions (calls/other), and follow-up (tracking). So we’ve powered everything in the system to be turned into a template. You'll serve more clients in a repeatable way, and more coaches on your team will deliver in the way you want.

Create custom reports

Imagine sending a client a report before their renewal, showing them everything they achieved in your program! We all have a tendency to forget all our wins, but the upcoach system tracks everything for you.

There are almost 1.3 million ways to build a program in upcoach*

*trust us, we did the math 😉

This is why we do what we do

Zvi Band
Zvi Band
Managing Partner at GoodSphere
Read More
Truly, one of my favorite pieces of software is upcoach right now. We started our training business with nothing but Notion and Zoom, and moved over to upcoach mid year. GAME CHANGER. We’ve now run four nearly identical programs, and with the fifth spinning up shortly, we have no question that upcoach is our platform. So THANK YOU Todd and team for making GoodSphere a possibility!
Ryan Deiss
Ryan Deiss
Founder of Digital Marketer &​
Read More
LMS and course platforms are great for warehousing information, but upcoach is built to deliver results. It’s a game-changer for any coaching or training company that really cares about client results.
Kevin Lockwood
Kevin Lockwood
EnvoyPeace Coaching & Consulting
Read More
I just love how upcoach team is always available to help me in getting the upcoach platform up and running. Using upcoach has been transformational in improving my client 1-to-1 time, and it enabled me to focus on what I do best – coaching. The coaching modules I’ve created in upcoach have been extremely productive in keeping my clients on track with their personal growth – helping them learn on their own, identifying what needs to unfold next, and moving forward in a positive direction. The energy this program creates has helped me grow my business 4x in the last quarter!
Co-founder, LTVplus
Read More
upcoach has changed how we manage our completely remote business. My department heads and I can now manage our teams through 1-on-1 and group meetings easily with structured meeting agendas. Having transparent todos and commitments is a great way to hold each other accountable.
Shelby Gobbo
Shelby Gobbo
Client Services Director at The Round Table
Read More
The team at upcoach has been incredibly helpful and supportive as we’ve been building out our programs. The responsiveness and attention to detail from the team has been unparalleled. We are so glad that we made the decision to use this platform with our clients.
Dana Theus
Dana Theus
Executive Coach, President & CEO of InPower Coaching
Read More
upcoach dramatically improved my ability to run a coaching group cohort. It kept everyone on track and centered with the key learnings and exercises, allowing me to focus on helping each person get the most out of their coaching experience.

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upcoach is already helping coaches just like you organize, systemize and streamline their delivery, so they can power the two metrics that matter the most in coaching:

Net Promoter Score

It’s the metric that drives renewals and referrals. It’s the metric that professional coaches care about because it’s the number that drives LCV really high!

Lifetime Customer Value

If you want higher profit or higher income, that’s the number making it happen with less effort. You’ve already gotten the client. Why not keep them longer?

Whether you have a few clients or a large coaching group, we’re here to make your delivery simpler!

Yes, the platform is robust but getting started is easy.We’ll give you the infrastructure and systems, so you do what you know best – transform people’s lives. We can’t wait to support you in building your masterpiece inside upcoach.

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